Travis Leslie is the Hoop Dawg’s “Player of the Week”

Travis Leslie averaged 14.0 pts & 8.0 rebounds last week in games against St. Louis and Virginia Tech, thus earning him the prestigious “Hoop Dawg Player of the Week” award (Travis has not been notified yet, but the hardware is in the  mail).

He is actually ranking second on the team in both of those categories behind Trey Thompkins…however, Leslie is a 6’4″ guard so the fact that he is averaging 6.0 reb/game is very solid (although having a 45″ vertical certainly helps).

Leslie has established himself as a scorer this year, and is really doing a great job of attacking the rim.  He is also shooting a John Stockton-like 82.1% from the free throw line (up from 57.5% last year).

He had 2 monster dunks (one a tomahawk & the other an alley-oop) against Virginia Tech and is quietly building a case for the nickname, “Human Highlight Film, Jr”.

2 thoughts on “Travis Leslie is the Hoop Dawg’s “Player of the Week”

  1. Nice work Hoop Dawg. The “Player of the Week” award is a great addition to your sports blog. I think a lot of your readers would like to see other Dawg-related news that isn’t directly related to the games. Maybe you could revisit classic games from previous UGA teams or even post a “Where are They Now?” piece. The mentioning of Dave Bliss in the VA Tech game report got me thinking about other past players. I’m particularly interested in the whereabouts of former Dawgs such as “Bout It” Badi Oliver, Tony “Prison Bars” Cole, and Pertha Robinson.


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