What happened?

I was in the car all day today driving to Wilmington, NC so I was unable to listen or watch the game on ESPN360.  I did check the score and saw that UGA got whipped by Missouri 89-61.

The box score said that Mizzu had 16 steals and forced 23 turnovers, and that Thompkins was in foul trouble most of the game.

Did anybody watch or listen to the game?  If so, fill us in on what went wrong…

2 thoughts on “What happened?

  1. I watched on ESPN 360 and can report that EVERYTHING went wrong.

    The Dawgs were completely overwhelmed by Mizzou’s pressure from the tip off. I can’t remember us breaking the press for a score more than once or twice. Georgia is not going to beat (or compete) with a pressing team like that until we can get a couple more ball handlers on the team.

    Also Mizzou was very hot shooting 3s in the first half.


    1. Thanks for the update Decatur Dawg…sounds like I picked a good day to take a road trip and miss this one.

      When one team gets 16 steals, seems like it is tough for the other team to be successful.


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