Tech Wrecked!!!

Trey showed the Jackets who Runs This State

Georgia upset #17 Georgia Tech with solid defense (held Tech to 38.3% from the field and 25% from 3pt) and a whole lot of heart (I got my “Rocky Balboa” performance after all).

The Dawgs had the lead for all but about 5 minutes the entire game, and every time the Jackets got close or took the lead Georgia played strong and responded.

The only major flaw on the night for Georgia was that they let Tech get way too many offensive rebounds (Tech finished with 17).  If the Bulldogs Bigs had done a better job rebounding defensively, this game might not have been close at all.

The Dawgs held Tech’s freshman sensations Derrick Favors and Mfon Udofia to 8 points and 6 points, respectively.  Favors only logged 21 frustrating minutes, and was in foul trouble for most of the game.

I give Trey Thompkins and Ricky McPhee Co-MVP awards – Trey finished with 20 points/6 rebounds and McPhee had 16 points (4-7 from 3pt).

More importantly, both of these players made amazingly clutch plays in the final 2 minutes of the game.

With 1:29 left in the second half McPhee nailed a 3-pointer from the left corner to put Georgia up 61-55.  Zach Peacock answered with a 3-point bucket to cut the lead to 61-58.  McPhee immediately took the ball down the court and hit a running jump shot to put Georgia back up by five points.

Thompkins made  a crucial steal on an in-bounds play with 46 ticks left and Georgia only up 64-60…he got the ball to Ware who hit a free throw and put the Dawgs  up 65-60.

UGA would never look back and finished the game 73-67.

Travis Leslie played with great energy (12 pts, 4 reb, 2 assists, 2 stl, 2 blk) and made two sensational plays – an alley-oop dunk, and a block in which he nearly hit HIS HEAD ON THE BACKBOARD.  The only downside for Leslie were his 5 turnovers…

I read Mark Bradley’s article about the game on, and was slightly offended when he stated that Trey Thompkins wouldn’t start for the Jackets.  Bradley claims that he attended the game, but obviously he wasn’t paying very good attention…Thompkins would not only start for Tech, but he would be a star player on that team.

ESPN highlights can be watched here – definitely worth it to see Leslie’s dunk.

Anything else about the game?

7 thoughts on “Tech Wrecked!!!

  1. Just a great game all the way around.

    Congrats to CMF and the boys.

    Gotta get those silly turnovers under control before UK though. But for tonight… No complaints.


    1. I agree with you about the turnovers…tech had 20, but we had 18.

      Quote of the day from Ga Tech forward Gani Lawal:

      “We really wanted to win this game,” Lawal said. “It’s a tough one. I’m still trying to swallow it … Not to be cocky, but we are a better team. We just didn’t play like it tonight.”


  2. Excellent performance by the Dawgs. I loved seeing Trey take over the game down the stretch.

    I am starting to think that Georgia can make a respectable showing in the SEC. With UT in big trouble and only 2 other ranked teams in the conference, I could see us posting 8 or 9 SEC wins.

    Mark Bradley is a moron. He also thought that Georgia would be 5th in the ACC in football.


    1. Decatur Dawg,

      You are slowly earning a reputation as the boldest commenter.

      First Big Al posting a double-double, and now an 8 or 9 win SEC run for the Dawgs.

      I like your moxy.


  3. CMF is giving this team two things it lacked for all the Felton years, and that’s confidence and heart. It is so awesome to have a team that at least wants to win and also expects to win. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we go into Rupp arena and remind the country that we are building a basketball program in Athens.

    GO DAWGS!!


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