Dawgs Crush Vols 78-63

I just got back home from Athens…and I am still super-pumped!

What a game!  What an atmosphere!

The Dawgs came out in front of a sold-out Stegeman Coliseum and took control of the game from the get-go…and they never relinquished it .  I have to admit, I was very nervous at halftime even with the 15-point Georgia lead – the Dawgs had halftime leads against Kentucky, Ole Miss and Miss St.

But tonight was different.  Georgia came out in a 3-2 defense with Leslie up top that completely took the Vols out of their game plan.  Tennessee shot an abysmal 42.3% from the field, and an even uglier 18.8% from beyond the arc.

Travis Leslie was a highlight-making machine, and I fully expect to see at least two of his dunks on ESPN’s “Top Plays” for today (if you watched the game you know the two I am referring to).

Thompkins was perfect, scoring 21 points and nabbing 8 rebounds (he also apparently read my blog from yesterday cause he knocked down three 3pt shots).

Off the bench, the Dawgs got great minutes from Ebuka Anyaorah and Jeremy Price (EA had 7 and Price 9).

Georgia knocked down 27 field goals in the game, and 8 of them were dunks.  This means that 30% of the time when UGA scores the fans are treated to a big-time highlight.

The Georgia in-bounds plays still continue to be an adventure, hopefully that will get better  as the season progresses.

And as far as the match-up of Ricky McPhee vs Skylar McBee…give me McPhee any day of the week!  McBee proved to be nothing more than a flopper that was constantly whining to the refs and looking for calls.  Hopefully he was able to learn a thing or two from Ricky.

Did anybody else go?  Let’s hear some comments…

13 thoughts on “Dawgs Crush Vols 78-63

  1. I can’t even explain how proud I am right now. It seems like it was an incredible atmosphere and performance. This is truly a day in which everyone should be proud to be a Georgia Bulldog. GO DAWGS!! I just wish i could have been there in person.


      1. No I didn’t, it was awful. I couldn’t believe the news when we got back. We did some Go Dawgs chants in the streets once we found out. Lets keep it going.


        1. I see it LSU 28, Georgia 14.I could see that, tuohgh I think there will be some FGs in this game. I think it’ll be close into the 4th, tuohgh. I just think LSU has too many playmakers all over the field for UGA to contain them.


  2. Agree, Justin. Finally, we have a team that is interesting to watch. Give Fox some more players (hopefully more like Travis Leslie), watch out!


  3. Watched the game from home in south Florida. It was a pleasure to behold. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with our gym when we have a raucous crowd in there. This team is fun to watch. We still have so much to improve on (we’ve got to quit leaving easy points around the rim and flush those), but it’s coming together in a hurry.

    I was in school during the ’83 season. This team was talent laden, but mediocre until they caught fire during the 2nd half of the season, blitzed through the SEC Tourney and danced all the way to the Final Four in Albequerque. It was totally unexpected. Now I’m not suggesting this team is going to do that, but the beauty of this game is how a team can improve on a week-to-week basis and become dangerous at the right time of the year. If we played Wofford tomorrow, we’d beat ’em by 20.

    One game at a time. Let’s rock the Gators in Gainesville.


    1. DavetheDawg,

      Thanks for the insight into the ’83 season…that’s good stuff.

      I was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL and lived their till I was seven and our family relocated to Atlanta, GA…I loved being at the game yesterday, but I’d take the South Florida weather over what we are getting here in GA right now.


      1. Well, hoopdawg…it’s been a wierd winter down here. We had flurries a few weeks ago (Kendall) and the coldest weather I can remember in 17 years of living down here…

        But if you have to be shut indoors, at least we’ve got a good basketball team to watch!


  4. I loved seeing how pumped our fans were to see the Dawgs lay the beatdown on the criminals from UT. Did you guys see the Peanut Butter Guy and the Rocky impersonator?


    1. The Rocky guy runs the steps and does push-ups at the top. It’s entertaining to watch, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the dogs.

      I wonder if he will be doing that at football games? That guy might pass out if he tries to run the steps at Sanford in September.


  5. Dang! What a game – I wanted to go, but heard it sold out. It was great to watch on the tube, though – twice (TiVo is great). I may save this game and see it again this week.

    HoopDawg… I was partially right in my comments Friday. Trey got the ball and did his magic. The treys were beautiful, but the dunks by Travis were the highlight. I mentioned Jeremy getting 3-pointers, but meant Travis Leslie. Glad we didn’t storm the court, and showed some class. I love how CMF got out of the way after the game, just shook Pearl’s hand and moved on, and let the glory be all for the Players. Can’t wait to see how they respond at Florida this week. They seem to have struggled on the road so far, sans the Kentucky game. But, with this shot of confidence in this system, they can beat the Gators… and that will set the tempo for the remainder of conference play. I’m getting excited to think what they might be able to do in the tourneys this season.


  6. I got you Barkin’Dog. I figured you had mistyped when you listed Price as the other 3-point shooter.

    Trey’s treys were the difference in the game.

    Hopefully he looks for those from here on out.


  7. Leslie is making a huge name for himself on the national scene. ESPN college hoops wrapup showed the windmill reverse dunk at least 6 times and called it the second best dunk of the year behind T Les’s posterization of Big Cuz in the Kentucky game.


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