Post Tennessee Notes

Georgia native Kenny Hall thoroughly enjoying a Thompkins jam

After last night’s win, CBS Sportsline has the Dawgs RPI at 73 (almost on the coveted first page!) and their Strength of Schedule is 6th hardest in the country.

On Feb 14,2004, the Dawgs beat Kentucky 74-68 in Athens…this was the last time Georgia beat an opponent ranked in the Top 10 (and they’ve had 9 tries).

As my friends and I were walking into the game, we heard people negotiating ticket prices in excess of $75 dollars apiece.  Coach Fox definitely is generating some interest in UGA basketball around the Bulldawg Nation.

Bruce Pearl played both Cameron Tatum and Melvin Goins against Georgia on Saturday.  This was the first game that these two players saw action in since the “incident”.  That means that not only did the Dawgs end the Vols’ 5-game post-Tyler Smith win streak (something the Kansas Jayhawks couldn’t do), they did it against a stronger Tennessee lineup (with 8 scholarship players).

Calling out Mark Bradley – after the Georgia Bulldogs upset the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Athens earlier this season, Mark Bradley of the AJC made the bold statement that the Bulldogs had merely one player (Trey Thompkins) who would make Tech’s 10-man rotation.

First off, I would take Trey Thompkins over any player on the Yellow Jacket roster – he is averaging more points than anyone on Tech and he beat them in a head-to-head matchup.  Gani Lawal is a great forward that plays very hard, but he doesn’t have the outside game or ball-handling skills that Thompkins possesses.

What about Travis Leslie?  Does Bradley really believe that Paul Hewitt wouldn’t prefer to have Leslie (13.9 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.2 ESPN Highlights) instead of D’Andre Bell, Iman Shumpert, Brian Oliver, Glen Rice, Jr., etc?  I won’t even list these players statistics because they are not comparable – click here if you like numbers.