Travis Leslie Becoming a Regular on ESPN’s Sportscenter

travis leslie
What has been your favorite Leslie highlight so far this year?

No one on the University of Georgia’s Men’s Basketball team is doing better Public Relations work  for the program than sophomore guard Travis Leslie.

Leslie came in at #4 on ESPN Sportscenter’s “Plays of the Weekend” for two of his highlight dunks against the Gamecocks.  The first dunk was the one in the first half in which Leslie grabbed an offensive rebound, and through it back down with one hand (very reminiscent of the jams that Dominique Wilkins was famous for with the Atlanta Hawks).  The second dunk showcased on ESPN was the one where Leslie went through the Carolina defender to throw down a monster flush.

Through 6 games of SEC play, Travis “Why drive when you can fly” Leslie is averaging 2.67 dunks per game!  He has been on ESPN’s “Top Plays” segment a handful of times already this season.

Here are links to my 3 favorite Travis Leslie dunks this season…which one do you guys like best?

Leslie dunks over Kentucky’s Demarcus Cousins

Leslie’s open-court double-clutch reverse jam against Tennessee

Leslie follows up a missed Ware 3-pointer with a one-handed flush

3 thoughts on “Travis Leslie Becoming a Regular on ESPN’s Sportscenter

  1. FYI – if you open all three of the links in separate tabs and run them all at once on their own Youtube pages, it’s kind of like you are in some kind of Travis Leslie Highlight Hurricane.


  2. Leslie’s dunks are fantastic… literally! And I like the windmill type he threw against Tennessee. But, frankly, I’m a fan of the TREY! The man, player and shot! Nothing is quite as pretty as an arcing shot from top of the key, or anywhere behind the line.

    As for the SC game… it was nothing but a real heart-breaker. They had them concerned the entire way, until the end. I guess that’s where fatigue plays in, bench depth, and obviously the talk about more talent (coming soon to a signing day near you). I predicted an upset of Florida and got embarrassed, so I avoided saying anything about the Carolina game. But it felt good after they upset Kentucky – thought they would let down just a little.

    Anyway, looking ahead to the Arky game on Wed. at the Steg, I want to be there, but can’t (I’m a choir boy – rehearsal that night). But this is where the Dawgs should let out their frustration and tear them up. Woof-woof!


  3. He just needs to keep on taking pressure off of TREY. If Leslie can be the man every 2nd or 3rd game we’ll start winning. We’re so close. This team is so much better than last year it’s not even funny. Last year’s team was unbearable to watch and had no passion or fire. This year is different, the wins will come.


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