Georgia Stuns #18 Vanderbilt 72-58

The first half wasn’t pretty.   The Dawgs had a whopping 13 turnovers, scored only 4 points in the last 10 minutes and trailed Vandy 26-23 despite the Commodores shooting only 32.3% from the field.

Then the Georgia Bulldogs did something in the second half that they haven’t done yet this year in SEC play – they out-played and out-scored their opponent.

With 14:13 remaining in the game, the Dawgs trailed Vandy 39-32 and were looking as though they might fold.  Who could blame them?  They were in the midst of a three-game losing streak, and the game was slowly slipping away in the second half.  This was something that Georgia had seen happen before…

But this team showed a TON OF HEART, and instead went on a 12-4 run to take a 44-43 lead…a lead that they would not relinquish.

The FSN announcers gave the Player of the Game award to Travis Leslie, who was deserving considering he finished with 17 points (13 in the second half), 8 rebounds and 5 assists.

However, I believe that you could have given the Player of the Game award to the Georgia Bulldogs.

Dustin Ware was apparently under the weather, yet he still played 26 minutes and finished with 10 points on 3 of 4 shooting from the field (his two 3’s were both huge).

Albert Jackson held Vandy’s All-SEC center A.J. Ogilvy to merely 6 points on 2 of 8 from the floor.  I don’t know if it was Ogilvy’s frosted-tips or his Aussie accent, but something about him set Ajax off on a mission to shut him down.

Jeremy Price had another solid outing, scoring 8 points and grabbing 7 rebounds.

Freshman reserve point guard Vincent Williams gave Coach Mark Fox his best effort of the season, scoring 7 points and dishing 4 assists in only 16 minutes.  He also put the proverbial nail in Vandy’s coffin when he buried a three-pointer with 3:53 left to put Georgia up 65-54.

Trey Thompkins put in his usual effort – 17 points, 7 rebounds.

Georgia played outstanding man defense, holding the Commodores to 32.8% shooting on the night.  This was the same Vanderbilt team that entered the game as the conference’s best shooting team from the field.

This was Georgia’s third win this season over a ranked opponent (with Georgia Tech and Tennessee being the other two).  One interesting thing to note is that in UGA‘s 3 wins over Vandy, Tech and Tennessee, the Dawgs averaged 19 turnovers a game…go figure.

Georgia is now 10-11 overall, and 2-6 in the SEC.

Coach Mark Fox said it best after the game when he announced, “This was the type of game that really makes you feel good about yourself.”

It made me feel pretty good too…

8 thoughts on “Georgia Stuns #18 Vanderbilt 72-58

  1. There have been games where I wanted Jackson on the bench, but last night he played like he was possessed. Incredible performance! It’s always a treat when the announcers make comments about our coach and team, especially remarking about the assists and passing sharper than Vandy’s (a strong suit of theirs). The Dawgs may not be as deep as other teams, but CMF gets the most out of them, especially last night. Got a feeling he told them he would lean on them and depend on them and they produced. It’s a blast when you can “look forward to the next game” instead of cringe at the potential outcome. It’s great to be a Dawg Fan right now.


  2. I sure didn’t know that D. Ware was under the weather last night, but I did notice that Georgia was hard to press in the backcourt with Williams handling the ball. I also love it when Williams penetrates–does it ever open up the inside for other players (although Vince occasionally finds himself with no where to go with the ball–a problem that should become less frequent with maturity). I am a Ware fan but love the fact that we have Williams, a player whom I think has a huge upside. Travis just keeps coming on. He is fairly selective on his jump shots and is becoming a petty good shooter. If he can correct his ball handling adventures in traffic, watch out.
    Any word out there in the hinterlands about basketball recruiting prospects? I recall thet we received one commitment in the early period bu have heard nada since.


    1. I also like Vince’s aggressiveness…Ware doesn’t seem able to penetrate as well.

      Hopefully next year he will cut down on the turnovers.

      As far as next year’s recruiting goes, we have gotten one commitment from a forward name Cady Lalanne. We will also have the services of transfer point guard Gerald Robinson, Jr.

      I read that we had two 4-star recruits visit last fall, and we offered both…no decisions made yet.

      Looking ahead to 2011, this could be a great class. Fox has already offered three 5-star recruits (one from Nevada), and if just one of them signs it would be a great step for the program.

      That’s all I know.


  3. That second half was fantastic. It’s incredible that this team can keep me up till 330 watching the game over here and not get angry about it. Fantastic performance. I wouldn’t be surprised if we only lost 3 or 4 games the rest of the way.

    GO DAWGS!!


  4. Great effort tonight, we finished strong and that was good to see, now the next step is get one on the road. Auburn will be tough on Wed. night. they like to get up and down the floor, they are small inside.


  5. The Dawgs are teaching top 25 teams to Fear the Steg.

    Wonder if Coach Calamari and the Cats are getting nervous about March 3rd?


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