Auburn Smacks Georgia 82-63

The Georgia Bulldogs basketball team didn’t take the lead once in last night’s game against Auburn…they were barely even in it.

With 8:22 left in the first half, the Dawgs pulled within one point on a Dustin Ware three-pointer to make the score 23-22 Auburn.  However, this was the closest Georgia came to catching the Tigers, and they essentially spent the entire second half down by more than 10 points.

The Dawgs shot poorly from the field (36.5%), committed 19 turnovers (only 9 assists) and played lackluster defense.

Auburn’s senior forward Lucas Hargrove, who came into the game averaging 13 points a game, was unstoppable all night and matched his season-high of 24 points…The Dawgs bigs made Hargrove look like Lebron James or Kobe Bryant.

Trey Thompkins played only 13 minutes due to foul trouble.  He finished with 6 points, 4 rebounds and 6 turnovers before fouling out with 8:33 left in the second half.

The lone bright spot for Georgia was the play of Travis Leslie, who finished with 19 points and 17 rebounds.

Dustin Ware played decently, chipping in 10 points on 4 of 8 shooting (and he didn’t commit any turnovers).

The Georgia Bulldogs are now 10-12 overall and 2-7 in the SEC.  Last night’s game solidified the fact that Georgia is an extremely mediocre team away from the confines of the Classic City (0-8 in true road games).

The Dawgs hopes of making the NIT took a big hit last night, as they now need to win 5 out of their next 7 to finish with a winning record overall.

7 thoughts on “Auburn Smacks Georgia 82-63

  1. Calling the Dawgs an ” extremely mediocre” road team is being extremely generous. We are 0-8 and I think we only have 2 or 3 road wins in the last 3 seasons. That is just plain AWFUL.

    On the bright side, Leslie seemed to take his game to the next level. He has improved so much that he is looking like a 2011 NBA first round pick to me and should be pre-season all SEC next year.

    Leslie presents a HUGE opportunity to Coach Fox. He has to take advantage of the publicity that T Les is getting to get more Georgia high school studs to start coming to UGA.


  2. I absolutely concur that Georgia is less than mediocre on the road. I also note that we get blown out in games (e.g., last night, Missouri) where Trey is on the bench with foul trouble. In fact, this team is almost always likely to be a loser when Leslie is the leading scorer, for it means that our bigs are not getting the job done. Hopefully, it will not be the case next year when hopefully we will have other outside options (e.g., Robinson, an improved Vincent Williams). I sure would like to get a road win this year though. Will we bounce back Saturday? Get out and see fans, and you’ll also get to see DD, my pick right now for player of the year in the SEC.


  3. We were awful on the inside last night, Ajax had no rebounds according to the stats (unacceptable) and Barnes bricked a layup that almost broke someone’s nose when it came off so hard. Thompkins has really stepped up his game on the block and his face up game from 15 feet, he really need work on his decision making though away from the basket. I have noticd that he is a pretty good passer to the basket (examples would be lobs to Leslie or passing to Price or Ajax in the high-low game)- but he needs alot of work in the open floor, and he is a definite liabiltiy when he clears the defensive rebound and takes the ball up himself. I predict Leslie will become a 20 and 10 guy next year. i was very disappointed last night, I guess the only road chance we will get will be LSU. Working to next year and it will be interesting to see the schedule. I know we got to Tech, St. Louis (I believe we owe them a return game), and we go to the Old Spice Classic (Wisconsin, Texas AM, California, Nebraska among others). We get UAB at home and I am pretty sure we get Hawaii as well. I hope the schedule will continue to improve as do the recruits, lets hang in there guys.


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