A Challenge for the UGA Student Section

Is there any way that you could get this dunk made into a large poster to display at Wednesday night’s game in Athens?

9 thoughts on “A Challenge for the UGA Student Section

  1. While I’d like that, I’d like it even better if some ambitious student or grad assistant found a way to hang a framed copy in the visitors locker room.


  2. Holding up a poster in the stands is one thing, putting a poster in their locker room is another. You might think it’s funny, but the only purpose it would serve would be to make a superior opponent even more fired up. They’ve got 3 guys who are going in the top 10 of the NBA draft next year and are way more talented than us from top to bottom. They already have plenty of motivation to play well after losing their last game…why give them any more ammunition?

    During the game, the main thing we need from the students is to be there and be loud from start to finish.


  3. The coach has to answer for the state of the locker rooms, and I wouldn’t want to put CMF in that position. Posters in the stands is a great idea, though. I like that much better than chanting at opposing players about criminal records or SAT scores or the like. Anything referring to stuff that happens on the court (i.e. posterizing) is fair game.


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