Georgia’s SEC Tournament Picture

The South Carolina Gamecocks could not defend their home turf last night, losing to Alabama 79-70 in Columbia, SC.

This means that the Georgia Bulldogs remain in 5th place in the SEC East since they have 4 SEC East wins to South Carolina’s 3 (which is the tie-breaker used by the SEC since both teams have 5-10 conference records).

If the SEC tournament were to start today, Georgia would have the E5 seed and would play Auburn (W4 seed).  The winner of this game would then get a date with what looks most likely to be Kentucky (E1 seed) in the second round.

South Carolina would have the E6 seed and would play Ole Miss (W3 seed) in round one, and then the winner of that game would most likely play Vanderbilt (E2 seed) in the second round.

This Saturday, the Gamecocks and Bulldogs both wrap up their seasons on the road.  Carolina goes to Vandy, and the Dawgs head to Baton Rouge to take on LSU.

Here are the possible seed scenarios that could unravel following these two games:

Georgia beats LSU; South Carolina beats Vandy —> Georgia’s seed is E6; SC’s seed is E5

Georgia beats LSU; South Carolina loses to Vandy —>  Georgia’s seed is E5; SC’s seed is E6

Georgia loses to LSU; South Carolina loses to Vandy —-> Georgia’s seed is E5; SC’s seed is E6

Georgia loses to LSU; South Carolina beats Vandy —-> Georgia’s seed is E6; SC’s seed is E5

In my opinion, the best scenario for Georgia would be to beat LSU and then take on the SEC West 4th seed.  If the Dawgs could win these two games, it would put them at 15-15 before another rematch with Kentucky.  Even if the Dawgs were to lose another close one (meaning the first game was close, not last night’s) to the ‘Cats, the NIT committee may extend an invite to Georgia since ESPN is in love with Travis Leslie and his high-flying acrobatics.

However, if Carolina were to pull off the upset in Nashville, then the Dawgs would get the SEC East 6th seed and would play either Ole Miss or Arkansas in the first round of the tournament.  With Vanderbilt waiting in the second round, and Kentucky all the way on the other side of the bracket, this scenario gives Georgia the best chance at reaching the finals of the SEC tournament (and once you get to that point all bets are off).

So what is everyone rooting for?

7 thoughts on “Georgia’s SEC Tournament Picture

  1. I’m rooting for the Dawgs to take it as far as possible. I think we can win the LSU game, even though we perform so poorly on the road, we usually come off losses pretty strong. And honestly, I just think we are a better team than they are. I would even be happy with a strong showing in the NIT, whatever can get us better recruits! Go Dawgs!


  2. SC gets the better bracket by continuing to lose….what is that, 7 or 8 losses in a row for them? Chances of them winning at Vandy is zero. Oh well, we just need to worry about getting that first road win at LSU and gaining some momentum heading into the tourney.

    Despite LSU’s record, I could see us losing this one becase we are so snake-bit on the road. It is their Senior night so they’ll come out ready to play. If we don’t win that game, I don’t see us winning the first game of the SEC tourney either.


  3. SC will be fighting for their tournament lives on Saturday but would have to be almost perfect to win at Vandy. I say lets win out and take our chances with Auburn. If we can’t beat Auburn, I’m not sure we deserve to go dancing anywhere this year. I know that the other side of the bracket is more do-able for us, but I just cannot root for a loss under any circumstances (particularly one that would make us 13-16 and would require getting to the SEC finals just to warrant consideration for the NIT).


  4. Hoop Dawg,

    Thanks for putting this together. Quick question: I’ve seen on Scott Howard’s blog as well as a USC blog that if Carolina wins on Saturday then they get the 5 seed. From what they are saying if we win, and USC wins then it goes to the 3rd tie breaker which is your record against the best team in your division and Carolina pulled off the upset against the Cats. Is this correct?

    If the above is true, the best we can hope for in my opinion is a W tomorrow and for USC to win. We get 6 seed play Ole Miss and beat them and then take out Vandy..that gets us to Saturday which would be incredible.


    1. Good catch Marietta Dawg. I updated my scenarios…you are correct, if Carolina wins then UGA is the sixth seed (no matter if Dawgs win or lose on Saturday).

      It’s seems highly unlikely that Carolina would win at Vandy, though…


  5. Doesn’t matter who we draw on Day 1 next week. I think we’re going to give whoever we play fits, but we’ve got to win the first game to even begin to talk about NIT (which would be gravy).


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