Roster Changes and Recruiting

Demario Mayfield and Drazen Zlovaric have asked to be released from their scholarships and will be transferring out of Athens before next season.

I am sad to see Mayfield leave, as I thought he showed a lot of promise (especially in the win against Florida) as a 6’4″ slasher with nice hops and strength. I am only speculating, but I am guessing that he felt that he should have gotten more playing time this year like his fellow freshman teammate Abuka Anyaorah – Demario only averaged 6.5 minutes a game. The addition of Gerald Robinson, Jr. to next year’s roster did not bode well for Mayfield’s PT either.

As far as Drazen (7.2 minutes/game) is concerned, best of luck to him. I didn’t really see where he fit into Coach Fox’s system – he’s not a very good outside shooter (26.3% from the field) and turned the ball over a bit much – but hopefully for his sake he will move on to greener (more Mid-Majory) pastures.

The one positive to take away from Mayfield leaving is that I think that it could be an indicator that Travis Leslie will be coming back for his junior year. Neither Leslie nor Trey Thompkins has officially stated whether they will enter their names into the NBA Draft pool, but with Mayfield’s departure I am more confident that Leslie will be back since they play the same wing position.

I am not as confident in Thompkins returning for his junior season – right now I’d say it’s about 50/50 (and man do I hope that I am wrong!). I scoured a lot of NBA blogs the past couple of days, and there is a growing consensus that if Trey entered the 2010 NBA Draft he could work his way into a lottery pick.

ESPN now has him listed as “late first round to early second”.

The latest 2010 mock draft has Patrick Patterson of Kentucky going 8th. In my opinion, Trey has a lot more upside than Patterson, and should he decide to enter this draft I could see him moving ahead of Patterson on draft day.

At the very least I fully expect Thompkins to enter his name into the 2010 Draft pool, with the option to withdraw by May 8th as long as he hasn’t hired an agent.

Picture this starting lineup for the 2010-2011 season – PG Dustin Ware; SG – Gerald Robinson, Jr.; F – Travis Leslie; F – Chris Barnes; F – Jeremy Price.

Not an awful starting five by any means, but I don’t see a Thompkins-less Dawgs squad winning more than 5 SEC games next year.

On the recruiting front, Coach Fox has locked up an official visit from Donte Williams. Williams is a 6’9″ center from Miller Grove High School in Lithonia, GA. has Williams listed as a two-star recruit, with offers from Georgia, Auburn, Georgia State and Virginia Commonwealth.

His Miller Grove team won back-to-back state AAAA championships his junior and senior years.

I actually saw this kid play in the AAAA Region-6 championship game against Chamblee High School. He is REALLY THIN – Williams is 6’9″, yet only weighs 200 lbs (and that could be generous). I think he is probably being looked at as a “project” by most schools, and should he decide to become a Bulldog then his first order of business should be to live at the dining hall for the first semester.