Mark Fox onThompkins and Leslie; Update on Polee, Jr.

The AJC’s Tim Tucker wrote a nice blog entry today following a conversation he had with Coach Mark Fox yesterday.

Fox didn’t reveal any inside information in regards to whether Trey Thompkins or Travis Leslie will be back for the 2010-2011 season, but he does go into some detail about the processes that they are currently going through in regards to the 2010 NBA Draft.

As far as Thompkins, I have been following his status on’s “NBA Draft” page since the start of the season.  For a majority of the year, Trey’s draft projection for the 2010 NBA Draft had been listed as “late second round to undrafted“.

However, recently his projection changed to Late first to early second.  Obviously, Trey caught the eyes of some NBA scouts this year with his All-SEC season.

April 25th is the NBA’s deadline for NCAA underclassmen to put their names into the draft, and then they have until May 8th (assuming that they do not hire an agent) to withdraw their names and retain college eligibilty.

The national signing day for high school seniors in the 2010 class is May 2nd.  This means that Fox is having to recruit with several pretty big variables and unknowns.

I read that Dwayne Polee, Jr. of Westchester High School (California) is expected to make his decision on which school he will attend any day now.  Polee is considering a handful of Pac-10 schools, UNLV and of course, Georgia.

Polee’s father, Dwayne Sr., played at UNLV during the 1981-1982 season under Jerry Tarkanian.