Dwayne Polee, Jr. Considering UTEP?

The Daily Breeze named Dwayne Polee, Jr. its “Boys Basketball Player of the Year“.

Polee led Westchester High School to its second straight LA city and California Division I state championships.  He averaged 21 points and 8 rebounds a game, and apparently is a lot more than just a dunker – check out the article, it’s a good quick read.

The most interesting piece of news that I took away from the article is that Polee, Jr. has narrowed his choices down to UNLV, Georgia and UTEP (New Mexico used to be in his “Big Three”).

Why UTEP?  Former Southern Cal coach Tim Floyd was hired as the Miners’ new skipper last month.  Remember, Polee originally signed with USC, but he was permitted to de-commit once it became clear that the Trojans basketball team was going to get hit with a plethora of NCAA sanctions.

Polee also stated last March that he would make his decision by the beginning of April.  Well here we are at April 8th and according to the Daily Breeze he will announce it “in a few weeks” – that’s the end of April according to my Mayan calendar.

Could Polee be waiting to see what Georgia’s beloved Howard Thompkins III is planning on doing next year as far as the NBA Draft is concerned?  If Trey returns to Athens for his junior season, the Bulldogs will be a contender to win the SEC East, and should be primed to get a bid to next season’s NCAA tournament – a very appealing scenario for an incoming freshman phenom (like Polee).

ESPN’s Andy Katz has Georgia listed as one of his “Three Sleepers” for 2010-2011 – obviously this depends heavily on the return of Thompkins.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I think that if Trey comes back next year to play for Georgia then Polee will commit to Mark Fox’s Dawgs as well.

10 thoughts on “Dwayne Polee, Jr. Considering UTEP?

  1. If (and its a big if) we land this guy, we should have a heck of an athletic roster. The SEC is the best conference of the schools in his final 3, which gives me some hope, and we should not expect him to come in here and be an immediate sensation. But with the personnel we already have (assuming that Trey comes back), Mark Fox would have the luxury of bringing Polee along slowly and getting him ready to be a meaningful contributor by the time the SEC schedule cranks up in January. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.


  2. I sort of think that, if Polee is watching to see what Trey does, he might be thinking the opposite of hoopdawgs’ speculation. I don’t think that recruits these days care so much about being on a team that looks good so much as they want to be on the court and building their own selves up as much as possible.

    No Trey = lots of minutes for Polee; Trey staying is obvisoulsy better for the Dawgs, but maybe worse for landing this recruit.


    1. If Trey returns, Dawgs can have a big year.

      If not, Dawgs are back to square one.

      Aside from Thompkins, Georgia hasn’t landed a 4-star recruit since the days of Ezra Williams and D.A. Layne. Obviously, coming to UGA for instant playing time has not been a draw for big recruits over the past 6 or 7 years (since Trey was the first in quite a while), and I don’t think it’s any different for Polee.

      I think he wants to enter a situation where he can not only develop as a player, but also get national attention via the TV – which would require the services of TT.


  3. Who would have ever thought that it would be April 8th and we have three very talented kids to try and give one scholarship to. Thorton, Lanford and Polee. It would have been nice to land all three, but unfortunately they all play similar postions.


    1. If we can just get ONE of those three!

      Ol’ Lady Luck, with a big assist from Very Hard Work, may be smiling on Mark Fox as the 2010 recruiting period draws to a close. I have to think that realistically its between us and UNLV for Polee. Those are the only two schools he has consistently listed past few months. Lanford was supposed to take a trip to Clemson this weekend and that has now been canceled. I have to think its now between us, Ole Miss and maybe Auburn-with us having an advantage over Auburn. And Thornton is a very nice surprise. I think Clemson is going to hire a ???? of a coach which will eliminate them. Also, Thornton (being in-state) has to be very aware that the GT fanbase was rooting for Paul Hewitt to take the St. Johns job which may give us the edge over the Jackets. The biggest competition for Thornton will probably come from out of state programs.


      1. Good catch re. Langford. I had read something a day or two ago that said he was canceling his trip to Clemson. The timing of the Clemson (and Wake) firing is curious. Either they already have a coach lined up or they are WAY out on a limb in trying to find a replacement. My guess is the latter if a new coach isn’t named today. I can’t help but think its good for us.


  4. Who knows folks – Polee must clearly be strongly considering the Dawgs after Fox’s extensive recruiting and keeping us on the final decision list, but we don’t know what he wants. I would tend to think that Thompkins staying would help in getting Polee, who wants to work along a future NBA prospect. Who knows if a former coach recruiting him (Floyd at UTEP), his father’s alma mater (UNLV), or playing in a bigger power conference (SEC) is more important to him, but I am very convinced that Fox can make a good athlete a solid NBA prospect after seeing such improvement in UGA’s players last year. UGA would be a winning situation for Polee, but maybe the others would too. There’s no telling.


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