St. John’s now on Polee’s list?

According to the New York Daily News, Westchester High senior wingman Dwayne Polee, Jr. has added St. John’s University to his mix of potential schools.

Polee’s list has now expanded to include Georgia, UNLV (where his father played), UTEP (where former USC coach Tim Floyd was recently hired) and the Red Storm.

Polee announced in March that he would announce his decision at the beginning of April…it appears that he meant to say early May.

What does everyone think about Fox’s chances of landing this kid?  I felt better about it last week when Georgia was the only school he was considering from a major conference – now CMF has to compete with the Johnnies from the Big East.

In other recruiting news, apparently the Memphis Tigers have now entered the mix for Mr. Georgia Basketball player Marcus Thornton.

And in case you missed it, Trey Thompkins is coming back next year!

5 thoughts on “St. John’s now on Polee’s list?

  1. thornton would be the fourth best player that memphis gets this year if they do get him. They have 3 commitments from top 25/5 star guys.


  2. I think Fox’s influence that he must still carry out west will have an impact. But it’s going to be tough competing with the personal connections that he has with UTEP and UNLV. But we’re obviously showing we have the chance to build something great, especially with Trey staying.


  3. Thorton’s dad pointed out in an another article that Memphis has already signed 7 players for next year. I think he understands that several of those guys are going to get run off. Memphis still makes me nervous though. A program that dirty, in a town that dirty, will do anything to get a recruit.


  4. UTEP not only has the Tim Floyd connection, but also the possibillity of Dwayne Polee SR. being hired as an assistant and the fact Utep returns most of their players from a 24 win and top 25 team, so they will be good as well next year.


    1. That is interesting about Polee Sr getting hired on.

      The Miners are tough – although I did (I must shamefully admit) take them to beat Butler in my bracket for this year’s NCAA tournament…obviously I was way off on that one.

      But you are right, they are a good program and will definitely be back in the tourney again soon.


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