Polee To Announce Decision on Saturday

According to the LA Times, Dwayne Polee, Jr. of Westchester High School is set to announce at halftime of a high school All-Star game (that he is in) which school he will be attending next year – Georgia, UNLV or St. John’s (UTEP is now out of the mix).

What does everyone think (honestly)?

15 thoughts on “Polee To Announce Decision on Saturday

  1. I think he’s a Dawg. I believe the time and effort that Mark Fox has shown in recruiting this kid will pay off. St. John’s is our biggest competition here, but it just seems so “11th hourish” for them to be considered. In the end, I think the fact that Trey is coming back and the development of similar players like Travis Leslie in the last year shows the commitment and coaching prowess that UGA offers. Good luck to him regardless of his decision.


  2. The game is scheduled to start around 9:30 pm EST. Which means we’ll find something out between 10:30 and 11.


    Recruits tend to stick close to home (which is why we’re all excited about Georgia’s potential) and if I had to guess, based solely on that fact, I’d say he’s going to UNLV.

    But I still think we’ve got a decent shot him. UNLV fans aren’t particularly happy with Kruger (b/c he’s not Tark) and he is edging towards the ol’ hot seat. The St. Johns coach ultimately was unable to be successful at heavy weight program UCLA and has been working TV for the past 7 years; how is he going to be any better now? The combination of Fox’s coaching and the SEC’s talent and exposure give Polee the best chance of making the NBA. Let’s just hope he realizes that.


  3. My gut says UNLV. They’ve been the one consistent candidate this whole time, and they’ve seemed to go after him the hardest. Regardless of the outcome, I think it’s great that Fox has the Dawgs in the running at this stage.


  4. I’m really worried about the allure of playing in NYC. I also worry about Athens being so far from home and having very little BB tradition. I hope we get him, of course. He would solve our small forward problem (and these highlights look like the second coming of Nique).


  5. Looks like he’s already wearing Red-n-black for his high school squad… just saying… come to Athens young man. Good to see that Mark Fox is putting this much effort into recruiting. He’ll have the University of Ga’s basketball program back on the map in no time.


  6. Morgan,
    That observation really means something IF his school colors are not red & black. What does anyone know about that?


  7. Now the LA Times says Polee has put off announcing and will take a trip to Oregon.

    “Dwayne Polee Jr., the City Section player of the year from state Division I champion Westchester, was scheduled to announce his college choice Saturday night at halftime of the Collision all-star game, but he said prior to the game he would not make an announcement after speaking to Oregon officials earlier in the day. He has set up a recruiting visit for Oregon on Friday.”



      1. At this point, I’m at a loss as to what he’s thinking. Some think this is bad news for Georgia’s chances, but the same could be said for UNLV and St. John’s.

        It’s not as if he doesn’t have a diverse group of schools to choose from. Mid-majors, power conferences, close to home, far from home, big city, college town, schools that have been recruiting him a long time, schools that just started recruiting him, new coaches, established coaches-he has a wide variety of choices.

        My only guess as to what he may still be looking for is that perhaps he is holding out hope a “powerhouse/top 10” program will offer him.


        1. You might be right…maybe he’s waiting to see if Coach Cal or someone of that caliber will come calling. I don’t think UGA is realistically on his “list” anymore…


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