The Polee Plot Thickens

According to the LA Times, Dwayne Polee, Sr. has tendered his resignation at USC where he had been the Director of Basketball Operations since 2007.

You know what else occurred in 2007?  A high school freshman by the name of Dwayne Polee, Jr. verbally committed to Tim Floyd and the USC Trojans.

Hmmm.  Son (who is a phenom basketball player) commits to college; college hires Dad.  Son de-commits from college (USC); Dad resigns.  This is all very hard to put together (please excuse the sarcasm).

I have now decided that I do not want Dwayne Polee, Jr. to be a Bulldog next year – though I don’t think the Dawgs are really in it anyways at this point.  The fact that he continues to postpone his decision, and keeps adding new schools (Oregon, St. Johns, UTEP) to his “list” makes it seem fairly clear that Georgia is not on his mind (or he would have committed a month ago since Fox has been recruiting him for a while now).

It appears that to get Polee, Jr. to commit, a door has to be opened for Polee, Sr.

I love everything that Coach Mark Fox has done with the UGA basketball program up to this point.  Hiring Polee, Sr. for some bogus operations job in Athens in order to get Polee, Jr. to sign a letter-of-intent would be a step back to the days of Jim Harrick.

If that is what it takes to get this kid, then let him be a Duck, Miner or Johnnie…just not a Bulldog.