Ebuka Anyaorah Transferring

ebuka anyaohora
EA won't be wearing red and black next season

Georgia Bulldog guard Ebuka Anyaorah aka “EA” has received a release from his scholarship and will transfer to another school in search of more playing time.

I guess that means that EA wants to be a starter, which would most likely not be the case were he to return to Mark Fox’s Dawgs team next year.

If you were to merely look at his stat line from last season – 10.5 minutes, 2.7 points, 1.4 rebounds, 0.8 assists – you might think, “So what?”.

However, if you watched this team play last year you would have seen that EA provided Mark Fox with quality minutes off the bench as a freshman.  Anyaorah is a very good athlete with a nice shooting touch, canning nearly 35% of his attempts from beyond the arc last season.

If I were to take a wild guess at the Dawgs starting five going into the 2010-2011 season, it might look something like this:

G – Gerald Robinson, Jr.

G- Dustin Ware

G/F – Travis Leslie

F – Howard Thompkins, III

C – Jeremy Price

There is no way EA was going to work his way into the starting rotation.  However, he and point guard Vincent Williams are the only guards on Fox’s team with SEC game experience under their belts going into next season.

Granted, the Dawgs beefed up their backcourt this off-season with the signing of Sherrard Brantley, a sharp-shooting athletic two-guard from Northwest Florida Community College.  I do think that Brantley will be a good player for Georgia, but the SEC is quite a few rungs up the ladder from the land of JUCO’s and community colleges.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a little experience on your roster going into a season, and that’s what Anyaorah would have provided (along with some extra depth at the guard position).

Do I think that losing EA will dash the Dawg’s hopes of contending for the SEC East and potentially reaching next year’s NCAA Tournament?  No.

But I do think that Georgia would have been a better team next season with EA on the roster.

6 thoughts on “Ebuka Anyaorah Transferring

  1. I agree completely with your assessment and am more than a little concerned about depth issues at off guard for 10-11. How much EA is missed will depend on the development of Williams and Brantley, but even if they turn out to be solid, we are an injury or two away from real trouble. Here’s hoping that one of the great off guards in Mark Fox’s recruiting list decides that the opportunities for early playing time in 11-12 are just too good to pass up. And I’d sure love to get Royal for the “2” slot” in this class as well.


  2. This is too bad; EA howed promise as a freshman.

    I am a little concerned about all this transfering. Its a little reminiscent of the problems Felton was having holding a roster together.


  3. EA was our only guard last year who could penetrate and get his own shot. Maybe it was too much of a luxury to expect a competition between him and Brantley for guard offense off the bench. Oh well, best of luck to him.


    1. I saw that the other day macdaddy…with the Old Spice Classic over Thanksgiving it’s shaping up to be a pretty tough out of conference slate.


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