An Update on the SEC Preseason Player of the Year’s Ankle

I found this update on regarding Trey Thompkins ankle injury.

Georgia Coach Mark Fox was quoted as saying, “It’s highly unlikely he’ll play against Mississippi Valley State, and he may miss significant time.”

This is unfortunate as the Dawgs have games next week at home against Colorado, and on the road at Saint Louis (a team that many analysts are projecting to go the NCAA Tournament this year).  Both of these teams could/should be hovering inside of ESPN’s RPI Top 50 this season, and as many of you probably already know, a team’s record vs. the RPI Top 50 is usually one of the factors considered by the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee.

I have always felt that there is an “unwritten” rule for teams from big conferences hoping to make the Big Dance – they should have 20 wins or more.  This year Georgia only has 12 out-of-conference (OOC) games (they could have more depending on how well they do at the Olde Spice Classic over Thanksgiving).  Assuming that the Dawgs finish SEC play with a 9-7 record (they were 5-11 last year), they would need to win 11 out of the 12 OOC games to hit the 20-win plateau.

Trey’s ankle injury is quite a blow to this team, especially considering all the expectations that they had heading  into this season.

These first three games, starting with Mississippi Valley State on Friday, are extremely important towards UGA’s Tournament Resume.

It will be interesting to see how Mark Fox‘s team responds to playing without its leader.

4 thoughts on “An Update on the SEC Preseason Player of the Year’s Ankle

  1. All very true – still, a lot better he have this injury now than in January. At least I feel that this year’s team can absorb this injury a little better than last year’s squad. It will be interesting to see what guys like Price and Thornton do with the extra minutes.

    So long as we get Trey back by the Thanksgiving tourney, I feel like we can deal with this. Go Dawgs!


  2. If the Dawgs go 9-7 in a very tough SEC East this year they would get in the Tourney with 17 wins, assuming a couple of big wins along the way.

    A not-so-impressive Georgia team led by DA Layne got in the Tourney at 9-7 with 16 wins and a strong RPI in 2001.


      1. I hear ya. I would way rather win the East and get a nice seed.

        I actually think the Dawgs will be fine without Trey for these early games. @ St. Louis will be tough though – we have not won a road game in a long time.


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