The Price Was Right!

When Mississippi Valley State guard Terrance Joyner knocked down a three with 3:35 left in the game to put his Delta Devils up 66-59, things were beginning to look bleak.  The possibility of Georgia losing it’s home opener to MVSU was starting to look like it might become a reality (I was starting to feel sick).

But then Jeremy Price hoisted the Dawgs up on his shoulders and rattled off eight straight points through a barrage of baskets (plus the free throws).  The second consecutive basket that Price converted during this streak – when he stole an open court pass and took it the length of the court and finished despite being fouled – was a display of athleticism that I did not know the big fella possessed.

After Georgia‘s (Price’s) 8-0 run, the Dawgs had a 67-66 lead that they would not relinquish again – winning 72-70 and avoiding an embarrassing home loss.

Jeremy Price finished with a game-high 20 points.

One thing is certain: Georgia looks like a pretty average team without Trey Thompkins (hopefully that ankle heels up asap).

The Dawgs got out-rebounded, out-hustled and basically out-played for nearly 37 minutes by a Delta Devils team that was playing without its best player as well – Shannon Behling.  I’m not sure why MVSU coach Sean Woods kept Behling out – injury, academics or just to be fair since Trey was already out? – but thank goodness he did.

The Delta Devils brought some serious sharp-shooting to Athens, knocking down an unbelievable 10 three-pointers.

This was my first look at transfer guard Gerald Robinson, Jr. and I was definitely impressed.  Robinson finished with 19 points on 8 of 14 shooting from the field, and he was really Georgia’s most reliable offensive option throughout the game.  Robinson looks strong with the ball, and he gives Georgia a viable “dribble-drive” scoring threat from the guard position.  When Trey gets back, this team could really do some damage this year with GR running the point.

Travis Leslie started the game a little sloppy (he looked like he might have been pressing a bit), but the junior played a strong second half and finished the game with 16 points and 11 rebounds.  Leslie’s final rebound prevented the Delta Devils from getting a second-chance shot on their last possession, and closed out the win for the Dawgs.

This game should serve as a good learning experience for coach Mark Fox’s team.  Even though his Georgia squad was out-played for nearly the entire game, they still found a way to buckle-down on defense and win.

On a side note, I am very interested as to what the NCAA record is for consecutive “and one’s”?  I searched the web but couldn’t turn anything up…anybody know?  Did Jeremy Price make history last night at the Steg?

7 thoughts on “The Price Was Right!

  1. Crazy game last night. Had to listen on the radio and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. But the Dawgs pulled it off as they should have. Missed Trey, but GR and Price had great games.

    You were right, HoopDawg. It was closer than I thought it would be. I didn’t think a team which went 9-23 last year, and didn’t defeat a team from a major conference last season, would hit 10 3s and defend the Dawgs as well as they did. Hopefully the nerves will settle down for the Colorado game next Tueday (the Dawgs owe the Buffs a whipping for the one put on our football team). See you at the game.
    Go Dawgs!!


  2. I saw the game exactly the way you did HoopDawg–thought Price’s steal was the play of the game and was the first play in the second half that made me feel we MIGHT actually win this turkey. Give our opponents credit–they are a well coached group of quick players who will have a much better than a 9-23 record this year. But it looked like more of the same futility we saw last year whenever Trey went to the bench. We simply have to get over this to have much of a season this year. It also looked to me as if it will take some time before Marcus Thornton becomes a meaningful contributor to this team. I expected him to look somewhat lost out there for the first 5 games or so and am hoping that he’ll become a valuable reserve by the time we hit the SEC in January.


  3. Last night was a great experience all around. MVSU was certainly inspired…their hustle was great and they only missed two free throws and a few 3-pointers. In spite of that attack and without Trey, the team hunkered down when it counted. Congrats to the fans (alumni & students alike) for turning out and proving the Steg can be a tremendous home court advance. Go Dawgs–Beat Colorado!


  4. Nice write-up hoopdawg.

    If there is one thing that our team can take away from that game it has to be that we must close out 3 point shooters. We were letting them have some easy looks out there.

    After the way that the Coloroado students treated us in Boulder, I would not mind if our students dish out some verbal abuse to their basketball team in the Steg.


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