Dawgs Hold Off Jaspers to Clinch 7th Place

Trey Thompkins blocked Kidani Brutus’ three-point attempt with time expiring to seal a 61-58 win over the Manhattan Jaspers, ensuring that Georgia was not in fact the worst team in this year’s Old Spice Classic field.

The Dawgs came into this game favored by a whopping 17 points, but actually trailed the Jaspers 53-50 with just five minutes remaining in regulation.  When Manhattan took the lead at 48-46 following George Beamon’s break-away dunk, it was the first time the Jaspers had held a lead in a game since they were up 6-4 on Wisconsin on Thursday.

In the first half, Georgia’s offense didn’t look all that bad.  The Dawgs used their superior size and athleticism to exploit the Manhattan defense.  Georgia’s star players – Trey Thompkins, Travis Leslie and Gerald Robinson, Jr. – combined for 29 of the Dawgs’ 37 first half points.

Manhattan was scrappy and continued to fight the entire first half though, and the teams went into the break with Georgia leading 37-30.

Almost as if on cue, the Dawgs came out of the half with a flatness that is starting to become a trademark of this team.

The Jaspers showed some full-court pressure, and Georgia proceeded to turn the ball over five times in the first five minutes of the second half (the Dawgs finished the game with 17 turnovers in all).

Manhattan used a 1-3-1 zone defense to rattle Georgia’s offense, resulting in more turnovers and missed shots.  The Dawgs were ice-cold again from beyond the arc, hitting just 1 of 12 three-point attempts.  Coach Fox looked as if his head might actually pop off due to excessive frustration.

But alas, the Dawgs hit the shots when they needed to in the game’s final three minutes and were able to get the win, salvaging something from the team’s trip to Orlando.

The Jaspers were led by Brutus’ 16 points and 7 rebounds, along with George Beamon’s 14 points and 10 rebounds.

Trey Thompkins led Georgia with 18 points and 8 rebounds, but he also led them with 5 turnovers.

Following the game, Thompkins said, “We can go back and get back in the lab and know that at least we left out of here with one win.  That Manhattan win was one we needed just to get out of the sort of a daze we were in as a team.”

When the Dawgs get back to Athens and “get back in the lab”, hopefully they can find the answers to some of these problems:

1.  Zone Offense – The Dawgs should expect to see A LOT more zone defense in the future based upon the way they handled it down in Orlando.  GR2 has shown that he can be a zone-buster and penetrate into the lane, but somebody on this team has to step up and start hitting some outside shots.  In the last three games, Georgia made just 12 of 55 three-point attempts, or merely 21.8%.

2. Depth Issues – Coming into the 2010-2011 season, depth was not supposed to be a concern for the Dawgs.  On the contrary, it was supposed to be one of the strengths of the team according to Coach Fox.  At the moment, I’m not really sure just how deep Georgia’s bench really is – Marcus Thornton and Donte Williams are freshmen, and they are playing like it.  Sophomore guard Vince Williams makes me nervous every time he touches the ball, and fellow guard Sherrard Brantley is throwing up shots at an alarming rate, despite making just 4 of 18 from the field so far this season.

Connor Nolte and Chris Barnes are the only players coming off the bench that are giving Coach Fox consistently solid minutes.

3. Lackadaisical After The Break – At the Old Spice Classic, Georgia was outscored by a total of 29-14 in the first 5 minutes of the second halves of its games against Notre Dame, Temple and Manhattan.  Coach Mark Fox has to find a way to get his starters focused when they come out of the locker room following intermission.  Last season, Georgia led at the break of six SEC games that they proceeded to lose.

Hopefully a return to Athens and Stegeman Coliseum will be just what the doctor ordered for this Georgia team.

The Dawgs need to have a good week of practice and get out of their “daze” before their game this Friday against the UAB Blazers (4-1) – a team coming off a 70-65 overtime win against Arkansas (not to mention the Blazers whipped the Dawgs 72-56 last year in Birmingham).


12 thoughts on “Dawgs Hold Off Jaspers to Clinch 7th Place

  1. Well, I expected much better but I’ll take the W. Hopefully, we’ll have a good practice week before the UAB team hits town–a team that will test us severely I fear.


  2. It’s not easy to re-introduce a player like Thompkins, who needs the ball, into the flow of the offense. He’s taking shots that Price and Barnes were getting. Comparing the three games without TT to the three with him, Barnes’ shot attempts have fallen from 13 to 7, and Price went from 31 to 9.

    Obviously, TT is the better player, so a much of this is to be expected. But Price in particular is an efficient offensive player, and needs to be remembered a little more often.


    1. You are right on sansho l. If we can somehow get Price and TT to look for each other and share the ball, we not only have two bigs who are established scorers, but also two bigs in position for offensive boards. I have been dismayed by repeatedly watching one of our bigs taking a shot (inside or outside) with the four other guys on the perimeter, in no position to folow up misses. If we can become more efficient inside, the outside shots will not so mysteriously open up and 3-point percentages improve.


      1. I agree with Hoops Dawg. Great, comprehensive insight for all three games (not to mention post game write ups). Nice to have such an authority on college hoops on our team 😉
        Thanks again, Hoopdawg!


    2. By the way hoopdawg, those were three beautiful posts this weekend. Thanks for going to the trouble of preparing the detailed previews and nice descriptions of what you saw in the games just observed.


      1. No sweat – I enjoyed it.

        I wish the Dawgs had performed better, but it’s still great to have them playing on ESPN over the holiday weekend.

        I really hope Fox gets Georgia in another preseason tournament for next year – with so many available, there is really no excuse, right?


  3. Yes, a disappointing trip to Florida…is it Orlando? I still have nightmares about the SEC Tournament there when we were the #1 seed and lost the first game. Ugh.

    Anyhow, Tech has just put single game tickets on sale for the UGA game on the website (www.ramblinwreck.com). I got lower level tickets on the 8th row. Spread the word and let’s put some red in the stands and help the Dawgs sweep the bugs.


  4. I was shocked to hear the game and witness the Dawgs getting behind the Jaspers, a team 2 other teams beat handily. But, as they’ve done 3 other times this year,closing the game with a win was in the offing. I take solace in the fact my Dawgs lost (in double OT) to the eventual champion, Notre Dame. The 2nd game (vs. Temple) showed them dragging after the previous game, so can’t fault them there. All in all, I see a great game at home next, with another buzzer-beater perhaps.


  5. UAB and Gatech are must games, the UAB game will not be easy, they have already beat Arkansas. GR2 is definitely a scorer and great in the open floor, but I noticed a big drop off when he was at the point, his decision making left a lot to be desired. I think we are better with Dustin at the point right now and GR2 at the wing, he thinks too much at the point, he doesn’t need to think, just score and dish. Also, he needs to be shooting better thatn 54 percent from the stripe. Our post players need to learn to play defense before the ball comes into the post not after someone gets the ball four feet from the rim, hopefully we learned a lot this week. We could and should win out until the conference schedule starts.


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