Dawgs Close Out UAB 66-64

Who gets the game ball for the Georgia Bulldogs (5-2) in their win over UAB (6-2) on Friday night – Colby Pohlmann or Gerald Robinson?  Pohlmann was the UGA trainer responsible for getting GR2 back to the locker room for an apparent IV to treat Robinson’s apparent cramping legs with 2:09 left in the game.

Robinson returned to the game with 1:02 remaining, which was amazing considering he looked as though he could barely walk just minutes before that.  Even more amazing was the fact that he drove and scored on a beautiful lay-up on the Dawgs’ most critical possession, putting his team up 64-61 with only 14 ticks left.  Next, GR2 proceeded to secure the rebound following a UAB three-point attempt, and then knocked down two free-throws to put Georgia up 66-61 and essentially seal the game.

So I guess GR2 (13 points and 5 assists) deserves most of the credit for securing the Dawgs win, but I just felt like Pohlmann’s efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Mark Fox’s team came out Friday night hitting on all cylinders on both offense and defense, building up a 16-4 lead on 8 of 12 shooting from the field in the game’s first six minutes.  There was also a noticeable difference in the Dawgs‘ defensive effort, as Georgia stymied UAB with its man pressure.

Georgia built up a 43-32 lead as the team’s went into the break, but once again came out flat to start the second half, and in less than three minutes UAB only trailed Georgia 45-42 following a 10-2 run.  Is it possible that this Georgia team prefers close finishes?

The main source of frustration in the second half was the Dawgs‘ inability to secure defensive rebounds.  Georgia won the rebounding battle on Friday night 37-27, but UAB did grab 11 of their 16 offensive rebounds in the game’s second half.  The Blazers finished the game with 18 second-chance points, 14 of which came in the second half – these second-chance points really kept UAB in the game.

Georgia road their big men in this one, getting 34 of their 66 total points from Trey Thompkins and Jeremy Price.  Thompkins looked a lot more like his old self, hitting outside shots and turnaround jumpers – he finished with 20 points and 9 boards including a big basket with 1:55 left to give his Georgia team a 60-59 lead (a lead that they would not relinquish).

There was a very scary moment near the end of the game where Thompkins hit floor very hard following a defensive stand, but after the game Trey said, ““I just landed on my hip.  I’ll be alright.”

Thank goodness!

This was one of Price’s better games offensively, as he finished with 14 points on 6 of 11 field goals.  Price used a variety of up-and-under post moves along with his size advantage to dominate the UAB bigs inside.  He also knocked down a pair of ultra-clutch free throws to put the Dawgs up 62-59 with 1:06 remaining.

The Dawgs’ bench was also a nice source of production for Coach Fox on Friday, outscoring UAB’s bench 13-3.  Sophomore transfer guard Sherrard Brantley scored 8 points in just 14 minutes of play, including a pair of three-pointers.

Georgia shot the ball much better on Friday night, hitting 50% from the field and knocking down 7 of 9 from the charity stripe.

On a personal level, I’m glad that Georgia doesn’t have to go up against UAB point guard Aaron Johnson ever again – he was tough.  Johnson, who is unbelievably quick, was able to penetrate into the lane on nearly every possession – he finished with 14 points and 3 assists.

UAB forward Cameron Moore led the Blazers with 20 points, and guard Jamarr Sanders added 16.

And a reminder that there are still tickets available for the Georgia Tech game next Tuesday night – it would be cool to have a lot of Dawgs’ fans in the stands of Alexander Memorial Coliseum.

Back to the UAB game – what did everybody think?

8 thoughts on “Dawgs Close Out UAB 66-64

  1. Didn’t get to see it, but it sounds like the Colorado game. Jumping out early, letting them back in, just to have a couple of guys finally step up and stop the comeback short. Any thoughts on the second half letdowns?

    I know we can play tougher in the 2nd half than the 1st. I saw that in person in St. Louis. Now, if we could just do that for a full 40 mins….


    1. The second-half letdowns are certainly a problem, just like they were last year too.

      Fox has to find a way to get these guys to come out for the first 4 minutes of the second half with the same intensity that they have when they start the game.

      But it seems this must be easier said than done since this team is consistently giving up big halftime leads.


      1. Its odd that we seem to play really well for the first four minutes of the 1st half, but not the 2nd. Not sure what the problem is but its psychological. Coach Fox will get them straightend out.


  2. You were right on about the second half woes on the defensive boards (which happened right in front of where my seat is). My frustration for the team was probably obvious to everyone around me, and spells like this may soon spell doom for my thinning hair. on another subject, I was also impressed by UAB’s Thompkins–Cameron Moore, and by the UAB team in general. I think that they would be a mid-level SEC team at least–one that might pull off several impressive upsets. So I’ll definitely take this close home-court win and look for a big road win at Tech. Go Dawgs!!


  3. Those offensive boards for UAB might have been a product of bad luck just as much as poor defensive rebounding. It seemed as if every shot was hitting the rim and bouncing 8-10 feet outside the paint. Not that that is a worthy excuse, just an observation.

    One more thing, GR2 is going to be able to be able to beat anyone to the rim. I don’t think we’re going to see many PG as fast as UAB’s tonight and GR2 was able to penetrate with ease when the team needed him too.


  4. I’ll take the win, but they do make it tough on themselves, don’t they? Looks like a week of practice was helpful in reintegrating the nifty Price into the offense.

    Brantley and Barnes are the only two bench players contributing anything so far this year. So the shock troops have a shooter and a banger, but the backup ballhandler position remains up for grabs….


  5. Great post. I am a UAB grad and I was at the game – couldn’t have described the scene better myself!

    Keep up the good work.


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