Could Georgia Benefit If Yellow Jackets Dismiss Hewitt?

Unless Georgia Tech can somehow miraculously win this year’s ACC Tournament, it seems likely that the Yellow Jackets will suck it up and fork over the near $7 million necessary to buy out Coach Paul Hewitt’s ludicrous contract this March (apparently they must notify him by March 16 if they plan on performing said actions).

Georgia Tech is currently 3-9 in the ACC and they are coming off of a 79-57 throttling at the hands of the Duke Blue Devils.  The chances of them pulling together and winning their conference tournament seem highly unlikely.

Let’s assume Hewitt goes after this season.

Georgia Tech’s 2011 basketball recruits would be able to ask the Institute of Technology for a release from their commitment to said institute – including one Julian Royal (similarly to how the Dawgs obtained Marcus Thornton following Oliver Purnell’s departure from Clemson).  Royal, a four-star power forward recruit from Milton High School, chose the Yellow Jackets over Georgia back in October of 2010.

However, he may have second thoughts given the current positions of the two basketball programs.  Mark Fox has the Bulldogs on the rise and poised to earn an at-large NCAA tournament bid this season.  Georgia Tech, on the other hand, is a floundering program with the third-lowest average attendance in the ACC this year.

Furthermore, Georgia will most likely lose Trey Thompkins to the NBA draft, and they will definitely lose Jeremy Price and Chris Barnes to graduation.  The Dawgs will be loaded on the perimeter next season with the return of both Dustin Ware and Gerald Robinson (and potentially Travis Leslie) to go along with incoming McDonald’s All-American Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, leaving a nice, big comfortable starting power forward role available for a blue chip to step into.

Now I am not one to sit around and root for the misfortunes of others, and I certainly would be sad to see Paul Hewitt leave since he is 0-2 against Coach Mark Fox.

But wouldn’t Julian Royal look great in red and black?

10 thoughts on “Could Georgia Benefit If Yellow Jackets Dismiss Hewitt?

  1. I’ve been saying this same things for months to my dad (who went to Tech). As much as I would HATE to see Paul Hewitt go (he is maybe the second best thing – behind Fox – that UGA Basketball has going for us) I would love to have Royal receive a second chance to make the right decision. Keeping my fingers crossed.


  2. Not to burst your bubble but I am 90% sure there isn’t a rule requiring a school to release a student athlete from a LOI if the coach is not retained. Having said that, most institutions elect to grant these releases. I don’t think there is a rule saying they have to.


    1. You’re right – not an official rule, though it seems that the majority of the time schools grant the releases.

      It’s apparently quite the controversial subject as far as collegiate recruiting goes – I found an interesting piece done by ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” regarding this topic.


  3. Paul Hewitt is the best GT thing to happen to UGA athletics since Reggie Ball. I’ll be as sad to see him go as I was Reggie.

    I hadn’t thought about Royal maybe switching – you never know what a guy’s motivation is, though. Why did Thompkins come here 3 years ago, when we had just about nothing (a coach who had just saved his job by pulling off a miracle, and a team of nobodies)? Who knows. I’d love to have Royal, though.


  4. They probably will get Tech’s last year’s asst coach who went to Holy Family in Philly last April. Oops!! Guess not since he was suspended yesterday for punching and kicking a player.


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