Georgia Will Take on Auburn Thursday at 1:00PM

Thanks to an exciting road win by the Kentucky Wildcats over the Tennessee Volunteers this afternoon, the Georgia Bulldogs (20-10; 9-7) finish the 2010-2011 season fourth in the SEC East.

The Dawgs will play Auburn (11-19; 4-12), the SEC West 5-seed, on Thursday in the Georgia Dome at 1:00PM this Thursday.

By getting the fourth seed, Georgia not only earned a chance to play a weaker first-round opponent in Auburn (as opposed to Arkansas), but the Dawgs also avoided a potential second-round match-up with the SEC regular season champion Florida Gators.

The winner of the Georgia-Auburn game will move on to play the Alabama Crimson Tide in round two of the conference tournament.

There has been some buzz on the blog lately regarding ESPN’s Joe Lunardi’s most recent Bracketology, which listed Georgia as one of the “First Four Out” after the loss to Alabama yesterday.

The bottom line however, is that if Georgia beats Auburn on Thursday and gets to 10 conference wins on the year, they should definitely be dancing in March.

12 thoughts on “Georgia Will Take on Auburn Thursday at 1:00PM

  1. Lunardi is an idiot. CBS Sports has us as a #9 seed.

    We need to focus on getting some momentum up with the SEC Tournament. I hate playing the 10pm game. I’m so glad I’ll actually be “awake” when our game is on.

    For Dawg fans without tournament books, tickets for Thurs afternoon will be plentiful and cheap ($10) outside of the Dome. With UK playing on Fri afternoon, the best way to get tickets for us to play Bama (assuming we beat Auburn) would be to buy them from losing teams on Thurs. Let’s turn that place into the GEORGIA Dome!!


    1. How does Lunarid have Colorado – RPI 76, 18-12 record overall and 8-8 Big 12 – in over Dawgs, a team that they lost to????

      And he has Michigan State (16-13) in, yet their record is terrible and their RPI is also below Georgia’s at 46.

      Please explain Joey???


  2. 9 seed! HA. I agree with you that Lunardi is wrong about us being out right now, but a 9 seed?? You can’t honestly believe after watching us all season that we deserve to be a single digit seed. I believe that given the right match-up and the proper effort (unlike against Alabama) we can make some noise and possibly win a few in the tournament. But this team is a 10 or 11 seed max. I just hope we don’t end up in a 12 seed play in game. That is my biggest fear right now.
    I hope we put up a much better showing against Auburn than we did in the Steg. We cannot afford a loss.


  3. I haven’t looked at Lunardi’s latest brackets, but I have trouble believing with the at-large slate being as weak as it is this year that the Dawgs would be left out.

    All the same, our team looked like an unmotivated bunch yesterday. Let’s get our act together and get a couple wins before the big dance. Go Dawgs!


  4. The thing that worries me most right now is that upsets in conference tournaments may make the bubble pretty slippery. For example, Indiana State’s win today in the MVC potentially adds another MVC team, as the committee could possibly decide that Missouri State belongs too. I think we’d better win at least one (and hopefully two) before we should feel assured on a dance ticket.


  5. I am focusing on the SEC tournament…which I still think Georgia has a decent chance to win and a great chance to make the final.

    Great news that we are slotted with both Florida and Vandy on the other side of the bracket. A rematch with Bama would look a lot different in the Dome, and we know we can beat Kentucky.


  6. Question, hoopdawg: Bruce Pearl has the ‘sword of damocles’ hanging over him in Knoxville (at least he would, under any other A.D. not named Mike Hamilton).

    Hewitt, at Tech, is in a very tenuous spot. Seems like there is alot of talent out there that could give us a good look, or, in the case of Royal, a 2nd look. You hearing anything about this? If a vacuum is created at both schools, there has got to be some good players ripe for the picking.


      1. I saw something in the AJC (perhaps a Schultz blog) stating that according to Royal’s father, Royal would ask for a release from this letter of intent to Tech and recruitment would recommence, with a new Tech coach having an opportunity to re-recruit along with other coaches. Most of the Tech people on this blog were all for letting Royal go if it came as a result of Hewlett being fired. They are much more vocal over there about a coaching change than UGA fandom was in terms of canning Felton.


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