Tough to put a finger on Georgia’s tourney status

The Georgia Bulldogs are getting mixed reviews from several of the larger sports media outlets concerning their position (or lack there of) in this year’s NCAA tournament.

Even ESPN’s two major tournament projectors seem to be split on the subject.

Joe Lunardi, creator of the network’s Bracketology, has Georgia (along with Alabama) as one of his “First Four Out” – he only has four SEC teams included in this year’s March Madness.  However, ESPN’s “Bubble Watch” seems to think that the Dawgs could earn an at-large berth into the NCAA’s with a win in the first round of their conference tournament.

CBS Sportsline’s Jerry Palm has Georgia as a 9-seed, and Sports Illustrated’s Andy Glockner likes the Dawgs as a 10-seed.

Let’s turn our attentions back to Joe Lunardi though, and his unfavorable impressions of Coach Mark Fox’s team.

Lunardi has become a regular on ESPN’s morning “Sportscenter” show recently, and when he has discussed Georgia’s resume he has continued to harp on the Dawgs’ 3-9 record against the RPI Top 50 and their lack of quality wins.  One thing that fails to come up in his analysis of the Bulldogs is the fact that Georgia has a higher RPI than seven teams that Lunardi currently has “in” – St. Mary’s, Clemson, Illinois, Colorado, Boston College, Florida State and Virginia Tech.

I have always been under the impression that a team’s RPI was a strong indicator of their worth in college basketball, but apparently Joey L. disagrees.

The fact that he has Colorado “in” over the Dawgs is inexplicable to me – Georgia has a better overall record, a better conference record, a much higher RPI (CU’s is 76) and the Dawgs bested the Buffs without the services of Trey Thompkins earlier this year in a head-to-head match-up in Athens.

Lunardi hosted a chat at 4:00pm yesterday on, and I actually submitted him this same question regarding the Buffs and Dawgs – shockingly, he didn’t choose my question as one of the eight he decided to respond to.

16 thoughts on “Tough to put a finger on Georgia’s tourney status

  1. Joe has lost it….No team w/ RPI of 65 has made the field at large in the last 10 years. Colorado is not in…If the dawgs and Buffs win 1 game a piece in Conf. tourney Dawgs will get nod.

    Good read on on how the NCAA make selections. It all falls back to RPI. The whole time that they are making the brackets they have two computers. One of them is on the RPI at all times.

    The highest RPI not selected was in 2007…FSU was 37 in RPI and got a snub….Lets get a couple wins and we are fine! If not we are sweating it out on selection sunday.

    If we don’t get in that home loss to UT will be reason why…How sickening does make us feel now!


    1. Or if Erving Walker hadn’t buried a 30-foot three to send the first Florida game to another OT…Dawgs could easily be 11-5 in conference and playing for a 4- or 5-seed this week.


  2. 11 teams from the Big East???

    Last I checked, it was the NCAA Tournament – not the Big East Tournament II.

    As “dominant” as the Big East has been in college basketball recently, they haven’t had a team win the national championship since 2004, when UCONN defeated Georgia Tech.

    Why let one conference represent over 16% of the tournament?


    1. Forgot to post earlier that I completely agree with hoopdawg that 11 teams in from the Big East is absurd. Yes, it is a good league—But THAT good??? Seems that I remember seeing something in late December that the SEC was 6-6 against the Big East to that point in time this season–don’t know how it finished. Yet, if virtually everyone in that league goes to the dance, isn’t the league season superflous? The Eastern press has a lot to do with Big east adulation. They (it) can manage to grossly overestimate a good (maybe the best this year) league every year. I’d favor a rule that no league can send more than half its members to the dance in any year. Of course, the only league that would affect, ever, would be the Big East.


  3. I don’t put much stock in projections, although they are fun to talk about. It wasn’t long ago (just before the Dawgs played @ Tenn.) that Gottlieb had UGA and Cincy OUT and Tenn IN. The Dawgs beat Tenn. and Cincy hasn’t lost (except one) since.

    I admit, I’ve been overly optimistic this season, but I still see Coach Fox directing a marvelous run in both tourneys. They play well on the road, unlike the Bama teams, so I see a huge win (by 18+), followed by a revenge win there. Then a big upset before losing another heart-breaker to Florida in the SEC final (not enough depth for 4 in a row).

    Can’t wait for Thursday-Sunday games… all with the HoopDawgs. Then we’ll see where the selection committee puts them in the Big Dance. Woof-woof!


  4. In many ways, as has been noted by many over the past week, UGA should be an easy sell to the selection committee. Yet, I believe that tradition plays a role in bubble scenario decisions (in fact, some have argued that their lack of tradition was the major reason that 37 RPI FSU was snubbed a couple years ago). It sould be ludricous if Colorado gets in over us unless they have a major run in the big-12 tournament and we fall quickly in ours. Yet, I fear that we risk a snub unless we beat Auburn at the bare minimum and we’d better beat bama too or else risk that game being seen as a play out game for the dawgs if we lose it. Why? Because we have little tradition and, thus, are easy to snub.


  5. It’s easy to badmouth Joey Brackets and I agree that we are certainly more worthy than a few teams he currently has in, BUT the fact is that he almost NEVER gets it wrong. It’s something like 8 teams total in 10 years that he has missed. So that tells me that unless we want to be the 1% we had better win some games in Atlanta.


    1. I not saying Joey brackets is not a good source but there are many bracketologist who do just as good as he does. Come Sunday when all the games are done it will be tought to not get 64 out of 68.

      jerry palm, warren nolan, and a bunch more have as much accuracy as Joey big time does. Last night Joey says RPI does not mean much but SI and CBS both had article saying the exact opposite.

      We will find out friday if we can punch a ticket or not!


      1. I completely agree. The reality is that we still have games to play, which is a great thing. If we really want to make the tourney we have to go out and beat two teams that we are better than. Come out and play hard and smart and it’s NCAA’s for sure. Come out flat like we have many many times this year and it’s hello NIT. I have faith in this team. Mostly I have faith in Mark Fox to find a way to get this team on it’s game on Thursday and Friday.


  6. South Florida just upset Villanova in round one of the Big East tournament.

    Nova has now lost 5 in a row, and they have now won just 5 of their last 15 games.

    Will Lunardi still have them in? Or did the Bubble just get bigger?


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