Debacle in the Dome

How does a team that shot over 75.0% from the free throw line this season – 3rd in the SEC – miss the front end of consecutive one-and-one’s?

What causes a star player (#33) to commit back-to-back turnovers with his team up 49-42 and under four minutes remaining in the game?

Why would a coach not elect to use a timeout when his point guard is clearly out of control on the game’s most critical possession?

And why would that same coach call a timeout out with less than one second remaining with the hope of “drawing something up”?  (Personally, I would have called the timeout with 4.1 seconds left when my team was in-bounding the ball)

There probably are not answers to these questions; they are more like a blue print for the novel “How To Blow a 14-point Lead in Under Seven Minutes” – which is exactly what Georgia did on Friday against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

After defending the Tide marvelously for 33 minutes, and handling their full-court press with relative ease – the wheels totally came off at the end of yesterday’s game.

Travis Leslie soared for an alley-oop dunk that put the Dawgs up 48-34 with only 6:58 left in the game.  This was when the game was supposed to be over.  Instead however, the Bulldog team and coaching staff collapsed and withered right in front of everyone at the Georgia Dome.

Instead of punching their NCAA ticket on Friday, Georgia will be punching the clicker of their remote on Sunday night as they sit around and pray that the NCAA committee has mercy on them.