Debacle in the Dome

How does a team that shot over 75.0% from the free throw line this season – 3rd in the SEC – miss the front end of consecutive one-and-one’s?

What causes a star player (#33) to commit back-to-back turnovers with his team up 49-42 and under four minutes remaining in the game?

Why would a coach not elect to use a timeout when his point guard is clearly out of control on the game’s most critical possession?

And why would that same coach call a timeout out with less than one second remaining with the hope of “drawing something up”?  (Personally, I would have called the timeout with 4.1 seconds left when my team was in-bounding the ball)

There probably are not answers to these questions; they are more like a blue print for the novel “How To Blow a 14-point Lead in Under Seven Minutes” – which is exactly what Georgia did on Friday against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

After defending the Tide marvelously for 33 minutes, and handling their full-court press with relative ease – the wheels totally came off at the end of yesterday’s game.

Travis Leslie soared for an alley-oop dunk that put the Dawgs up 48-34 with only 6:58 left in the game.  This was when the game was supposed to be over.  Instead however, the Bulldog team and coaching staff collapsed and withered right in front of everyone at the Georgia Dome.

Instead of punching their NCAA ticket on Friday, Georgia will be punching the clicker of their remote on Sunday night as they sit around and pray that the NCAA committee has mercy on them.

11 thoughts on “Debacle in the Dome

  1. I can answer the first question (about FTs) with 1 word. Fatigue. UA made us work on defense and made us work on offense getting the ball into the front court and into our offense, all after playing yesterday. Fatigue affects shooting. It also makes us more susceptible to TOs. I cannot answer your other questions.


    1. He had Georgia in that same position before the Bama loss…interesting that he kept the Dawgs as a 7-seed.

      As much as yesterday’s loss stung, if the committee truly looks at the full season as the body of work, as they say they do, then Georgia should get in.

      A perfect example of this – Villanova. Nova has lost 5 straight and 10 of their last 15, but they are going to get into the tournament because their entire season looks good enough.

      We’ll see…


  2. Disappointing as the loss was yesterday and as questionable as some of Fox’s decisions were, I’ve seen a lot of Dawg fans on other blogs griping about the overall state of the program and CMF. I think that’s just crazy. If asked at the beginning of the season if we would take a 21 win season with no bad losses, I think most of us would have jumped at it. We’ve come a long way in the two years Fox has been here. Now, unfortuantely, we just have to hope the pieces fall into place so we can reward this Dawgs team for all their hard work.


  3. Thanks for keeping it parsimonious Hoop. The only observation I’d add is that I started sweating it the possession after Leslie’s dunk, when we started to try to run clock. What this team does best is run its offense and attack. It should never let the air out with nearly 7 minutes remaining. Three minutes to go and a 14 point lead, yeah; but not with 7 minutes remaining. Instead, by letting the air out, we played right into Bama,s defensive strengths. I saw no signs of fatigue prior to the change of strategy, and if there was any, then why did CMF not play more people? The game put a sour taste in my mouth, and I was not going to be too unhappy if the selection committee snubbed us. Now, I’d just like to get in, even to one of those play in games. I sure hope CMF is learning some important lessons from his miscues this season.


  4. Mark S. I’m with you about preseason expectations (having said he same thing many times) and am happy to have CMF in Athens. Yet, expectations change with success, and its not at all a stretch (think Tennessee, Florida, and Vandy at home, and the Notre Dame and second Bama game yesterday) for this to have been a 25-26 win team and a number 3 seed in the dance. We let a lot get away from us this year.


  5. I’m tired of our programs floundering, period. There’s absolutely no excuse for giving up a 14pt. lead with less than 7 minutes to go. None!!!


  6. Clemson (RPI 50) loses to North Carolina. Tigers are now 0-6 against RPI Top 50 on the year, and 3-7 in true road games.

    Lunardi has them in, but will the Selection Committee?


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