Are the Dawgs in or out?

A day and a half after the loss to Alabama, and I am starting to feel optimistic about Georgia‘s chances of being invited to this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Joe Lunardi doesn’t think so.

However, Jerry Palm of CBS Sports, Andy Glockner of Sports Illustrated and the ESPN authors of “Bubble Watch” all like the Dawgs in the Big Dance.

The AJC”s Mark Bradley wrote a nice piece this morning that contained some inside information from SEC Commissioner Mike Slive regarding what the Selection Committee actually considers (and Slive should know, he served on that committee for five years).

The bottom line is – if you look at Georgia’s “body of work”, as the committee claims that it does, the Dawgs should be in.  The Dawgs have an impressive overall record (21-11), a winning conference record (9-7), a strong RPI (43), a winning road record (7-4) – their only knock is a 3-9 record against the RPI Top 50.

However, maybe a team’s record versus the RPI Top 50 isn’t that big of deal?  After all, Clemson is 0-6 in games against the RPI Top 50 and Lundardi has them as one of the last four in.

The media created a buzz around the SEC Tournament game between Alabama and Georgia as an NCAA play-in game.  But in reality, this is not how the committee makes its decisions regarding the Field of 68.

This isn’t college football, with the “What have you done for me lately?” mantra.

It’s college basketball, where a team spends the entire season building its NCAA resume.  Villanova, for example, is listed as a 10-seed in the latest Bracketology, yet they have lost 5 straight games and 10 of their last 15.  Nova is going to be dancing though, because they finished the season 21-11 overall and 9-9 in the Big East.

Back to the Georgia-Alabama game(s) – as painful as it was to see the Dawgs lose two times in a week to the Tide, according to Bradley’s notes from his conversation with Slive, the committee isn’t as concerned with head-to-head match-ups as we might presume (or be as fans).

Joe Lunardi has included Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Southern Cal and Michigan State in his most recent bracket.  All of these teams have head-to-head blemishes on their resumes, though.

Kansas State lost to Colorado all three times this season (twice in the regular season and then in the conference tournament as well) – Kansas State is a lock for the tournament, while Colorado will be on pins and needles this afternoon to see if they are invited.

Virginia Tech, one of the last four in, dropped both its games against Boston College this year – a team that Joe has as one of the first four out (along with UGA).

Southern Cal lost twice to lowly Oregon this year, a team that finished 16-17 overall and 7-11 in the Pac-10.

Michigan swept in-state rival Michigan State in their two match-ups this season, yet it’s very possible that State could get in and Michigan might not.

In less than twelve hours, all of the dust will settle and we’ll know if this year’s Georgia Bulldogs basketball team did enough to earn an at-large bid.

What does everyone think?  Are the Dawgs in or out?

19 thoughts on “Are the Dawgs in or out?

  1. IN — not really a close call if you look at RPI and BOW (“body of work”). We’re all still disgusted by the horrible seven minutes against Bama, but the committee says year after year that things like that matter little or not at all.


  2. Hope you are right Hoop. It will be tough to take if Colorado gets in and we don’t after handling them without Thompkins. Did Utah State win last night? If they didn’t, there goes another at-large slot as a 29-4 team from the WAC will surely be invited. Does it matter what Dayton and Richmond do? I think that there are ample reasons for us to still be on pins and needles (and I hope I’m wrong).


    1. Georgia and every other Bubble Team wants Richmond to win the A-10 today.

      Richmond, Xavier and Temple are all pretty much locks for the A-10.

      If Dayton wins, somebody on the bubble loses.

      Go Spiders!


    1. From my perspective, it is always better to go to the BIG dance, where lighting striking really means something (i.e., 1983 final four).


  3. In, playing Tuesday. Always prefer 1 and done in NCAA over NIT finalist. If we win the NIT every year it means we never win the SEC or finish in top 4 or 5


  4. Gotta be in. I predict we will be a 10 or 11 seed and it turns out we were not even one of the last teams in.


  5. Kentucky will be a 3 or 4 seed and we tied them in the SEC East and split 2 games. That is enough to put Georgia in.


  6. Georgia is in. I agree, they’ll be a 10 or 11 seed. I think Bama gets in as one of the last 4. Colorado gets left out, and I think that VT gets left out too.


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