Georgia vs Washington: Last minute thoughts

I don’t have a lot more to write about concerning the game tonight – the AJC has pretty much exhausted the topic.

However, I did come across this article in yesterday’s Seattle Times – a piece about the Huskies approach to their tournament practice and the game with the Georgia Bulldogs.

Apparently the Huskies’ players showed up 15 minutes late for their scheduled press conference in Charlotte.

During their tournament practice time at Time Warner Arena, Washington (after a 40-minute workout) “thrilled the smattering of fans inside Time Warner Cable Arena with a half-court, buzzer-beating drill and an impromptu dunk contest.”

The Georgia Bulldogs took a more routine, almost business-like approach – shooting jump-shots and free throws.

Washington has been ranked for a majority of the year, while the Bulldogs were in the national rankings for just a week.  Georgia is basically irrelevant nationally when it comes to college basketball, and the SEC is still regarded as a lower-tier basketball conference.

I realize that Washington won the Pac-10, earning them an automatic bid to these year’s tournament – but they would have made it either way.  The Huskies expected to be included.

Georgia, on the other hand, was on the bubble for the past two or three weeks.  The Dawgs (from what I have read over the past week) seem to be grateful to have been included, and extremely excited about this opportunity.

I may be reading too much into Washington’s press conference tardiness and questionable practice routine, but it kind of seems as if this Washington team is not taking Georgia as seriously as they should.

Any thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Georgia vs Washington: Last minute thoughts

  1. Promptness is next to Godliness. Dawgs need to stay focused and take care of business. Washington seems to think they are Hollywood or something. Time to send them back to the Minors.


  2. One thing that most people not living on the West Coast don’t realize is the West Coast’s sincere dislike of the media and them feeling perpetually slighted. As a result, they get themselves so worked up and distracted–in my opinion.

    I’m convinced that if we come out and play our game, we can come out and not only compete with anyone but BEAT anyone. I’m hopeful that UW will have a dose of their egos and be looking ahead to Sunday while we take them to the woodshed.

    Am leaving the Upstate for Charlotte late this afternoon. Let the real DAWGS rule!!


  3. Given the number of times Georgia players have said after games that they simply hadn’t been focused, I’m hoping the business-like demeanor is a good sign for tonite. I do think Washington is an underrated team and will be very difficult to beat. Let’s hope, Go Dawgs!


  4. Wow, what an ending! I never thought we’d ever get back to have a chance. I sure would like those 2 pts back from the missed “interference” call. I do think we got hosed a little bit on the clock at the end of the game. It appeared to me that there was more like 4-5 seconds on the clock rather than 3. I really wish they would have at least taken a look at it in a stinkin tournament game! Our lack of depth really showed tonight. Only 3 players with points in the first half? We gotta be better than that if we hope for anything other than one-and-dones. I’m proud of the effort at the end of the game and that these guys didn’t just give up.


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