34th McDonald’s All-American Game Tonight at 10pm

First off, I’d like to begin with a shout-out to Mazel Dawg, who reminded me that the McDonald’s All-American game would be airing tonight at 10pm on ESPN.

As most of you probably know, Georgia signee Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (this kid needs a nickname bad – KCP?) will be playing in the game.

It’s ironic that I almost forgot to post about the all-star game tonight, because I was literally watching Youtube videos of some of Kentavious’s highlights the last few days.  If you have time, check them out here and here.

To say that I was impressed by Caldwell-Pope would be an understatement – I was gushing.  I knew from what I had read that he was supposedly one of the best shooting prospects in the country, but what those reports failed to mention was that his range is out of this world.  In KCP’s highlights, he hits shots from five to six feet beyond the arc with consistency and relative ease.

He also appears to be a very good ball-handler, and he is not afraid to attack the rim.

At this point, nobody knows exactly what is going to happen with Trey Thompkins or Travis Leslie as far as whether they stay for their senior seasons or not.

But I am fairly confident that KCP will be a double-digit scorer in his freshman season.

12 thoughts on “34th McDonald’s All-American Game Tonight at 10pm

  1. Hoop… I saw KCP shoot in the 3-point contest. He made the finals with 14, but didn’t win (got 9 vs. 17 point winner, Kyle Whitjer), but he looked great shooting (finished with 3 straight). He’s fearless and so natural. Can’t wait to see the game tonight and KCP in a HoopDawgs uni. Woof-woof!


    1. Haven’t heard anything else about Ware.

      At this point, UGA can’t offer anyone until they hear about what Thompkins and Leslie are going to do next year.


  2. wow evan nolte committed to UVA today thats very shocking to me i really thought we had this kid for sure i guess not LETS STOP RECRUITING MILTON KIDS!!!


    1. I’m with you Corey. I’m kinda surprised – he’s got good size and a great outside shot and would have been a good weapon for us. Oh well… time to pull the scholly on older Notle and give it to this Ware kid we want.


  3. Ware is a top 50 player that seems to be really interested in playing with KCP at UGA i really hope we dont blow this one because i think hes going to be a DAWG if we offer him.


    1. Trey or Travis have to leave for a spot to open up.

      I think Fox really likes Conner Nolte – no way he pulls his scholarship.

      I would not be surprised to see Vincent Villiams transfer – he barely got any playing time this year and there doesn’t seem to be much PT in the future for him either.


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