Travis Leslie May Announce NBA Decision Wednesday

According to Seth Emerson of, Travis Leslie is pondering the NBA and could make his decision announcement tomorrow.

Any guesses?

10 thoughts on “Travis Leslie May Announce NBA Decision Wednesday

  1. With the talk about an NBA lockout/strike and with his low projections, I’m thinking he’s gonna stick around. I sure hope this is the case, too.


  2. Does anyone have any information about the probability (or lack thereof) of a lockout? I read a while back that the likelihood of a lockout was high, but would it occur before underclassmen who explored their options were themselves “locked out’ of returning to college? I sure hope that Trey and Travis are keeping the latter option open by going to class and making their grades!


  3. Travis is approaching this very wisely. He’s on the cusp of being a first rounder, but he also knows that another year in Fox’s system could elevate his draft status immensely next year, equating to a bigger signing day payout. Additionally, next year’s new- look Fox Hounds might play a more up-tempo style that could really showcase his talents, while allowing him to continue to develop his mid-range and 3-point shot.

    That’s the rationale for staying. Ultimately, I have no idea what he’s gonna do…but I get the feeling he’ll be back. The Dawgs could have another NCAA tourney team if he does.


  4. OOps, just read that Trey is hiring an agent which means he is outta here. Sorry to see it but not surprised. Will we get any points inside next year??


  5. Leslie’s NBA stock has fallen in the last year to what I would assume is its low point. He SHOULD stay, because he still needs to work on his halfcourt game — sitting out a lockout won’t do him any good. He’s not polished up like Trey.


    1. I am trying hard not to react too negatively to the loss of BOTH our stars. It does look as if we are gonna suck next year tho. Coach Fox needs a monster recruiting year from the 2012 class to make the program relevant again anytime soon.


      1. Looks like we are gonna get banged around inside (with the losses of Price, and Thompkins) but I can see us having a nice backcourt with a very experienced PG in Ware, good scorer in Robinson, and the Blue Chipper Caldwell-Pope.

        I think 6-9 SEC wins is realistic (with 7 most likely)and probably an NIT type season. Hoping for better, but I see us as NIT bound next year.


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