2011-2012 Out-of-Conference Opponents

The Georgia Bulldogs schedule for the 2011-2012 season does not appear to be very forgiving, considering this team is losing nearly 45% of its offense to the NBA.

The Dawgs will open up the season with the CBE Classic, a preseason tournament in which Georgia will actually host regional round games between November 13 to 17.  The other three hosts in this tournament are Missouri, Notre Dame and California.  All four hosts automatically advance to the Championship Rounds (regardless of the outcomes at the regionals), so there is a very good chance that the Dawgs will get a game against a team from this year’s NCAA Tournament (either Missouri or the Irish).

On December 17th, Georgia is tentatively set to travel to Southern Cal to take on the Trojans (another 2011 tourney team).

The Dawgs should also have road games at both Colorado and Xavier (another 2011 tourney team).

Georgia now has two scholarships available with the departures of Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie.  Hopefully Coach Mark Fox can find a JUCO talent to add to next year’s roster before the summer.

At the very least, he could work on getting some rematches set up with Arkansas State, High Point, Charleston Southern and Eastern Kentucky…

8 thoughts on “2011-2012 Out-of-Conference Opponents

  1. Great schedule so far. I subscribe to Paul Westerdawg’s approach to non-conf. scheduling which is basically: schedule several top 30 teams, schedule several top 150 teams, avoid the terrible 300+ RPI teams.

    Admittedly this year’s schedule may be more challenging than ideal since we will be quite inexperienced early, but overall it’s a great approach that gets us some good early TV games.

    Harrick was a master at the approach of getting a top 10 schedule without simply playing @ Duke, @ UNC, @ Kansas.

    There are great ways to tweak your RPI simply by avoiding the extremely bad PRI teams.


      1. Yea, next year we are most likely not going to be a tourney team regardless, so a smart schedule is less important.

        However, I do like the model that it seems Fox is pursuing, in future years it may well make a difference between getting in or out (and arguably it already did make that difference this past season).


  2. I mean to tell you, this will be a tough pre-season schedule! Given what we have returning, we had better schedule a half-dozen cupcakes or else risk a losing record going into the SEC.


  3. Daunting out-of-conference schedule….at least the Bugs come to Athens. Any word on other non-conference home games of note?


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