John Cannon Chooses Bulldogs

Mark Fox added another big to his 2011 recruiting class – John Cannon, a 6’11” center from Burnsville, North Carolina.  Cannon chose Georgia over Northwestern and North Carolina, however, to be fair, he was only guaranteed a walk-on opportunity at UNC.

The Athens Banner-Herald put out a nice piece with some background information on Cannon, along with some quotes from the young man, the best of which had to be, “With my work ethic, I can really do some damage my first year.”

Coach Fox now has one scholarship remaining, which he can either offer to another player for next season or save for 2012.

3 thoughts on “John Cannon Chooses Bulldogs

  1. I am surprised that this much time has passed with no comment–is everyone really that locked in to the Braves? I see this as potentially a very good signing. I’m hoping that this bright young guy will improve every year he is here, a la Alec Kessler. If he comes close to that standard, this will have been a great signing.


  2. Nice that the Athens B-H put out an article on this signing, because I didn’t see anything on They are in full football mode with the occasional baseball story. I like that this guy has some shot blocking skills, we could use a tough defender down low. Although, Marcus Thornton threw a few back this season!


  3. Well i know one thing this team will be REALLY tall but I dont know about talented will just have to wait and see


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