Mark Fox’s 2011 Class Taking Shape

With John Cannon’s announcement last Saturday that he will be heading to Athens this fall, the Georgia Bulldogs now have five new names on the roster for the 2011-2012 season.

The headliner of the class is obviously McDonald’s All-American Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (KCP), who has the potential to be a top scorer for the Dawgs next year.  KCP will be joined by a group of trees – Tim Dixon (6’10”), John Cannon (6’11”), John Florveus (7’0″) and Nemanja Djurisic (6’8″).

For the first time in a long time, the Dawgs have a basketball recruiting class coming in that is actually getting noticed by the sports media.  Georgia didn’t crack into the ESPN “Insider’s” Top 25 for the 2011 Basketball Recruiting Rankings, but the Dawgs did land a spot just outside in the “On the Cusp” section (along with Villanova, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, Xavier, Indiana, Gonzaga, Memphis and Kansas – in other words, pretty good company). currently has Georgia’s class at #25 for 2011, wedged in between Florida and Indiana.

Earlier this month, the AJC’s Mark Bradley declared that Mark Fox would be (almost) “starting over”, following the departures of Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins to the NBA.

I’m not so sure that I agree…

6 thoughts on “Mark Fox’s 2011 Class Taking Shape

  1. the team is not starting over because we return a Sr. tandem of guards. any time yoou have a couple of good experienced guards you have a chance.


  2. I’m feeling better about this class, having had no idea that it would be rated as highly as rivals and ESPN have posted. Now add a great point and a SF like Tony Parker or Shaq Goodwin next year, and I’ll be happy to take our chances in the years ahead.


  3. Very nice class. He’s definitely getting us some more height to make up for what we’re losing. I just wish we had a PG to get us ready for the year after next(maybe Ware will come our way).

    Yeah, we’re definitely not “starting over.” I wouldn’t even really call this a rebuilding year. I think we’re looking at a competitive team that might vie for a postseason bid (though it may just be the NIT).


  4. When you lose your top two scorers and top 3 bigs, you ARE in rebuilding mode. This dosen’t mean tha we can’t become competitive next year, but I’m expecting a rough pre-SEC season. It simply takes some time to mold this many new guys into a cohesive unit.


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