Fox Adds Another Guard to the 2012 Backcourt

Kenny Gaines of Whitfield Academy chose Georgia over in-state rival Georgia Tech, as well as Clemson, South Carolina and Iowa.

He will join Charles Mann, who picked the Dawgs over FSU last month, as the second member of Fox’s 2012 recruiting class.

Coach Mark Fox is beginning to win recruiting battles over prominent college basketball programs, and more importantly, he’s keeping the local talent in state.  This fall Georgia fans will witness the debut of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a member of the 2011 ESPNU100 and one of the most highly-touted UGA basketball recruits in recent years.

ESPN Recruiting describes Gaines’ strengths as follows:

He’s one of those point guards with excellent strength, a strong upper body and low center of gravity. We like him as a distributor. Will use his body to get into the lane and finds teammates. He can play honestly behind the 3-point line. Should be a solid assist man.

I happened to see Gaines play (by chance) last season when his Whitfield team played at Paideia High School in Atlanta (my girlfriend is an assistant coach for the Paideia Varsity Girl’s Basketball team, and I stuck around for the Boy’s game).  I did not know anything about either team prior to the game, but I was thoroughly impressed by a big, physical guard on the  Whitfield squad – who it turns out was Kenny Gaines.  He has a nice touch from the three-point line, and he is very strong on the offensive glass.

Gaines will be a four-year player at Georgia with a lot of upside, and I am pleased that he will be in Athens in 2012.

4 thoughts on “Fox Adds Another Guard to the 2012 Backcourt

  1. Well, the backcourt seems to be taking nice shape for the years ahead. Now we need a beast like Shaq Goodwin to make this a really solid class. I can’t help feeling that we are going to be horribly weak upfront in this upcoming year.


  2. What a great signing! I look forward to seeing what Coach Fox can do with some of his own talent. I sure hope that Marcus Thornton steps it up this year.

    I just got my ticket order form in the mail. Sure wish they’d post the whole schedule. I’m toying with going to KC for the tournament when we will play Cal and either Mizzou or Notre Dame.

    Go Dawgs!


  3. AJC just posted our schedule for 11-12. Man, this is the toughest nonconference schedule I ever remember in my 35 years of watching Dawg B-Ball. Getting anywhere near the NIT will be a huge accomplishment for this year’s team I fear.


  4. It will be very important for Fox to keep the young team positive during that stretch in late Nov. early Dec. We are playing a lot of good teams, mostly on the road.


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