Dawgs’ out-of-conference schedule earns a “7”

Georgia Bulldogs basketball coach Mark Fox will be breaking in a lot of new players this season, navigating them through a challenging out-of-conference schedule that should have them prepped and ready for SEC play by the time January rolls around.

Pretty ambitious for a coach who lost nearly 45% of his scoring to the NBA…

ESPN blogger Diamond Leung, of the site’s College Basketball Nation Blog, rated Georgia’s O.O.C. schedule a “7” out of a potential “10”.  In his analysis of Georgia’s schedule, Leung comments:

The CBE Classic gives the Bulldogs an opportunity to measure themselves in Kansas City against a veteran Cal team and then either Missouri or Notre Dame. It won’t be easy to pick up road wins against Top-25 Xavier or across the country at USC. Cincinnati is another ranked team and playing in the thin air of Boulder will be a challenge. This schedule gets it done. Will the Dawgs survive?

I am hopeful that Georgia comes out of this slate of games with a 9-5 record, including big home victories over Cincinnati and Georgia Tech.  Anything better than that would be cause for some serious optimism heading into conference play, because it would assume wins away from Stegeman against Cal, Missouri or Notre Dame, Xavier, Colorado or Southern Cal.

Any other predictors out there?

3 thoughts on “Dawgs’ out-of-conference schedule earns a “7”

  1. Too many unknowns for me to make a prediction. My heart always gets in the way of my head when it comes to the Dawgs. I am very excited about the schedule starting up next month though. Go Dawgs!


  2. Given the schedule and the tremendous turnover in our roster, I’d be darn happy with 7-7 going into the league. I hope I’m wrong, but I’d think CMF had done a heck of a job if this team can get to the NIT this year. On another note, Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Fox can persuade Robert Carter or Shaq Goodwin (or both) to sign with the dawgs this year. If so, he will have inked one heck of a class for 2012.


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