Dawgs Fend Off Pesky Terriers

The Georgia Bulldogs picked up a 62-49 win over the Wofford Terriers in their first game of the season on Friday night, but the game wasn’t secure until the final five minutes.  Georgia’s Nemanja Djurisic (the Menace from Montenegro) stopped a Wofford run, which had the Terriers as close as 47-42, by pouring in 6 consecutive points off the bench.  Djurisic finished the game with 8 points and 4 rebounds in just 13 second-half minutes.

UGA’s guard trio of Gerald Robinson, Dustin Ware and newcomer Kentavious Caldwell-Pope provided all 30 of Georgia’s first-half points.  The Dawgs‘ bigs were virtually nonexistent before the break, scoring zero points and getting out-rebounded 24-14 by the Terriers.

Clearly the Bulldogs’ frontcourt received a stern talking-to at halftime in regards to their lack of effort on the glass, because they responded by winning the second-half rebounding battle 26-14 and scoring a combined 17 points.  Sophomore Donte Williams led the Dawgs with 13 boards on Friday night – the big man brought down 12 of them following the intermission.

The guards (GR2, Ware and KCP) disappeared after the midpoint, contributing just 8 points amongst the three of them.

Caldwell-Pope showed flashes of his McDonald’s All-American-ness in the first half, pouring in 13 points off of several threes and an athletic open-court dunk.  His second half, though, left a lot to be desired, with Pope failing to convert a field goal and scoring just two points (off of free throws).

The Bulldogs did do an excellent job of taking care of the ball on Friday night, committing only 8 turnovers (the Dawgs only had 1 turnover after the first half of play).

The Terriers were led by guard Brad Loesing’s 13 points.

This game was not an offensive showcase, as both teams shot under 35% from the floor.

It’s very early in the season, but after watching tonight’s game I’m left wondering if the Dawgs were rusty and harboring some first-game jitters, hence the close game with Wofford?  Or, is this Georgia team merely 13 points better than the Terriers?

One thing is for sure – if Georgia was a member of the SoCon they would certainly be considered a contender for the conference title.

In the SEC however, where the Bulldogs will compete against the likes of Kentucky, Florida, Vanderbilt, etc., the Dawgs could be in for a rocky ride once they get to conference play.

3 thoughts on “Dawgs Fend Off Pesky Terriers

  1. First game jitters? Actually, they had played a game (against Morehouse), and last night was an improvement over that outing. I duely noted the lack of frontcourt points and rebounding disadvantage to an associate at halftime and wondered then whether this team (ours) could come close to winning the Southern Conference. Djurisic looks to me as if he will contribute to this team, if for no other reason because the frontcourt is so weak. Marcus Thornton is…well…a disappointment so far. I stand behind the guy, but he has to pick it up. At times in the second half he looked gassed to me. And does anyone know why a good passing and not bad shooting senior–Conner Nolte–did not play?


  2. We’ve had our close scrapes with Wofford the past couple years and I won’t look at this game as too much of a negative. The freshman will grow. It’s early, but it looks like Djurisic is going to be a good find. Caldwell-Pope will be great once he gets more comfortable. I cannot remember the last time we’ve had a high volume shooter like him. He will eventually garner a lot of attention from defenses and allow GR2 to have easy lanes to the basket and leave Ware with open threes.

    Those 13 rebounds for Donte Williams were a pleasant surprise for me.


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