Xavier Slams Georgia 70-56

The Xavier Musketeers (4-0) opened up the second half with a 35-8 run to send the Georgia Bulldogs (4-2) back to Athens with their second loss of the season.  Don’t let the 70-56 final score fool you – Xavier led the Dawgs 68-44 with just 3:19 remaining before pulling their starters from the game, allowing the Bulldogs to narrow the gap.

Georgia was only down 28-19 at the half, despite opening the game falling behind 10-0 to the Musketeers after 5 turnovers and 0 for 11 shooting from the floor.  The Dawgs were able to overcome the horrible beginning to keep the game within reach using a combination of good defense and bad Xavier offense.

After the intermission though, it was apparent that the X-Men were tired of toying around with Georgia as they used their superior athleticism and experience to sink the Dawgs in the half’s first five minutes.

Xavier was efficient on offense for most the night, knocking down 49% of their field goals and getting double-digit scoring from four different players (with center Kenny Freese leading the way with 12).

Georgia on the other hand was atrocious on offense, connecting on just 32.1% of their field goals and only 7 of 26 thee-point attempts.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope led all Bulldog scorers with 14 points, but it took him making just 4 of 13 field goals to get that number.

The Bulldogs’ big men were unbelievably ineffectual on Friday night, combining for 13 points while going only 4 of 18 from the floor – with Donte Williams, Marcus Thornton, Nemanja Djurisic, John Florveus, John Cannon, Connor Nolte and Tim Dixon being the culprits.  Adding insult to injury, the Dawgs were out-rebounded by a 38-28 margin.

Georgia has lost to both of the ranked opponents they have faced so far this season (Cal and Xavier), and in both games the Bulldogs were relatively close until halftime.  Unfortunately though, both Cal and Xavier were able to go on unbelievable runs after the intermission to close out the Dawgs in each game.

Coach Mark Fox must find a way to keep this team more competitive for the full 40 minutes, especially when they are up against tougher competition.

2 thoughts on “Xavier Slams Georgia 70-56

  1. Like I said before the Notre Dame game, unless this team shoots 40 percent from three point land (12-26 against the Irish). we have no chance against anyone that is half decent. It seems like the only post move any of our bigs have is a half-hook shot from about 5 feet. I still think our next 4 are winnable, Cincinnati has already been beat by Presbyterian and tonight by Marshall. USC has lost to CalPoly, It is obvious the most improved player is Vincent Williams, I would gladly see him get minutes over GR, who consistently does not have a clue when the defense steps up and cuts off the lane. Keep the thoughts rolling, good blog for us UGA fans, and lets hope to get better.


    1. GR2 is a far better player when he maintains a modicum of control. He penetrates to make something happen. We need plays that will give GR2 some passing options As it stands now, everyone kind of stands around when GR2 drives, thus giving him no passing options. If Donte is going to continue to shoot the half-hook, he needs to work on it a great deal. At present, it looks more like a fling rather than a measured shot. I expected a long difficult season and that’s what is shaping up. Lets hope to see some real improvement as time wears on. This team will put coach Fox’s skills to the test.


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