UGA Basketball Recruiting Update

Mark Fox has one more scholarship to offer for the 2012 recruiting class, and it looks like he might be tapping into some of his prior Nevada connections in an attempt to land a four-star gem.

Meet Winston Shepard – an athletic 6’8″ wing who can create offense off the dribble and run the floor well.  Shepard hails from Henderson, Nevada, and he has narrowed his list of potential schools to Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, UTEP and UNLV. ranks Shepard at #68 on their coveted 2012 ESPNU 100 list.

Being that UGA is the only school on the young man’s list that is located East of the Mississippi River, it seems likely that Fox is the main hook keeping the Dawgs in the running for Shepard…or possibly the allure of starting immediately in the SEC?

One thought on “UGA Basketball Recruiting Update

  1. One of my friends in California mentioned this guy to me. If Fox can get him, I’m pretty sure he would start early in his career. Getting him is the issue. Georgia is a long, long way from home. So unless Coach Fox has a history we don’t know about with the kid, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high.


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