Gators wallop Dawgs 70-48 in Gainesville

If you had told me before tonight’s game that Florida’s Erving Walker and Kenny Boynton would be held without a field goal until less than 5 minutes remained in the first half, I would have speculated that the Dawgs were giving the Gators all that they could handle.

Apparently Florida is a pretty deep team though, and despite the slow start for Billy Donovan’s backcourt in this one his Gator team was able to find scoring from other sources.

After falling behind 7-0 right off the bat, the Dawgs were able to crawl back into the game and only trailed Florida 13-9 following a heady off-the-backboard-self-pass-basket by Nemanja Djurisic.  Djurisic’s first-half offensive production, which included 10 total points, was critical to keeping the Bulldogs from being blown out before the intermission.

Florida reserve guard Mike Rosario scored 7 unanswered points to open up an 18-9 Gator lead with 9:44 left in the half.  Then freshman sensation Bradley Beal went nuts from beyond the arc, knocking down 3 (of his 4) threes prior to the break which opened up a 33-13 Gator lead.

Thankfully Nemi was able to sink 2 open three-point attempts that enabled the Dawgs to head to the locker room trailing 35-21.

Florida was on cruise control for most of the second half though, increasing their lead to 47-26 with 16:53 remaining in the game, following an Erving Walker three-pointer.

Georgia did make one last push at the Gators late in the game, and they were able to trim the margin to 56-43 after Dustin Ware knocked down his second shot of the half from beyond the arc.  The Bulldogs 10-4 run, however, was probably aided more by Florida’s lack of interest at that point than by Georgia’s own play.

Whatever the case, the Dawgs’ success was short-lived and the Gators closed out the game with a 14-5 run, securing a 70-48 victory along with their first conference win of the season.

The game never really felt that close and aside from Nemi Djurisic, who finished with 14 points and 6 rebounds, most of the Georgia players looked overwhelmed and out-matched in Gainesville on Tuesday night.

Kenny Boynton and Bradley Beal led the Gators with 17 points apiece, and sophomore big Patrick Young snagged 10 rebounds to go along with 8 points.

Georgia shot their typical 37% from the floor against Florida, and they were an abysmal 1 for 9 from the free throw line.  The Gators, on the other hand, hit 50% of their field goal attempts and made a stellar 15 of 18 free throws.

The result from Tuesday night’s game should not have come as a shock to many UGA basketball fans.  Along with being 0-2 in SEC play, Georgia has now dropped 10-straight contests at Florida, dating back to 2002.

As ESPN announcer Jimmy Dkyes mentioned 42 times on Tuesday night, the Dawgs are too thin inside and should be hurt by the lack of an inside game (thanks for the keen insight).  Despite the obviousness of Dykes’ comments, he is absolutely right and tonight’s game was just another example of how limited Coach Mark Fox’s team looks when playing against stronger opponents.

At Vanderbilt on Saturday.


9 thoughts on “Gators wallop Dawgs 70-48 in Gainesville

  1. Nemi played with some intensity tonight. Almost no one else did. The season is coming down about like I expected it would. I knew we were in trouble when Mark Fox signed 3…count them, 3…big man projects last year. Right now, one might reasonably argue that Nemi may be our best frontcourt player. And Fox’s failure to sign one of the 3 5-star power forwards in Georgia this year may doom us to mediocry for a couple years to come. They are still my dawgs and I’ll continue to support them. But I did expect to see light ant the end of the tunnel by now. Should coach Fox be looking for a strong recruiter with AAU connections? Maybe.


  2. Tough matchup for our Dawgs tonight; however, I’d like to chime in on the emergence of yet another encouraging performance from Neme tonight. He has consistently been aggressive since his arrival in a Bulldogs uniform, but seems to be shedding some of those out-of-control freshman blunders. I agree with Hoops Dawg that he may become one of our more reliable front court players in the coming year(s).

    Our next matchup at Vandy may very well result in yet another loss, but I’m looking forward to KCP and Co. making things closer than expected.

    Gimme more Neme!


  3. Nemi continues to improve. He came to play and is showing some toughness against good players. Fox’s offense is designed to produce lay-ups, which it did early in the game. Except we missed the shots. This has been a pattern in previous games, also. The missed free throws hurt-but not as much as the missed lay -ups. It was apparent Florida had better athletes. I watch these games looking for improvement. Hard to find, but I’m hopeful.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s bad enough when we miss bunnies….the blown uncontested dunk was the icing on the cake last night. The free throws really hurt. Had we hit a few when we made our run to cut it to 13, it could have easily been down to 6 or 7. Our turnovers were few. I still get so aggravated when GR2 spins out of control and turns it over or throws up a bad shot.

      I hope we play man-to-man versus Vandy or else the result will be worse than the Bama loss. Like Hoops Dawg, they are still my team and I’ll support them either way. At times, the games have just been really painful to watch. Patience….


      1. Has anyone else noticed that Donte Williams can sometimes take forever to get up and dunk a ball, giving opposing defenders ample time to foul him? The free throw line is not Williams’ forte either, making the delayed shot attempt even more frustrating.

        I’d rather see him stick the ball back in quickly off the glass than take the extra 3 seconds to lower himself to prepare to dunk.

        Just my two cents.


        1. Have noticed the same thing. Unfortunately, Donté is not alone. It seems like none of them can make the short tip-ins. I’ve never seen a team struggle so consistently with that problem.


          1. Agree. The bigs seem suprised or nervous when they get the ball. Putting the ball on the floor under the basket before you shoot is never the right move. Should be easy to correct. Layups and free throws are a must. Pretty fundamental stuff.


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