Abysmal shooting performance sinks Dawgs at Auburn

The Georgia Bulldogs (10-11; 1-6) shot 13 of 52 from the floor on Wednesday night against Auburn.  Again, the Dawgs took 52 field goal attempts, yet made just 13 of them.

As you might have guessed based upon this bit of information, Georgia did not come away from Auburn Arena with a win.  Rather, they sputtered and stumbled their way to another conference loss, falling to Auburn 59-51.

The Dawgs offense was horrific as they attempted to attack the Auburn zone by swinging the ball around the perimeter and hoisting up three-pointers.  Even though this strategy wasn’t working for Georgia, it didn’t stop them and by the end of the game the Bulldogs had taken 22 shots from beyond the arc (connecting on just 6 of them).

Coach Mark Fox’s team looked as if they had never encountered a zone defense before tonight, which is odd considering how much zone the Dawgs have played this season (don’t they see this in practice?).

Despite Georgia’s horrendous performance they were still within reach late in the game due to an equally ineffectual offensive effort by Auburn.  The Tigers weren’t much better than the Dawgs from the field, making only 33.3% of their attempts.

The Bulldogs cut the Tiger lead down to 51-49 with only 52 ticks left following a Gerald Robinson lay-up off of a nice dish from Kentavious-Caldwell Pope.  Unfortunatley, Auburn came out of a 20-second timeout and executed a beautifully designed set play that ended with Kenny Gabriel scoring a basket and getting fouled by Marcus Thornton.  Gabriel made the free throw too, putting his team back up by 5 which all but secured the win for the Tigers.

Varez Ward and Kenny Gabriel were the scoring leaders for Auburn, finishing with 17 and 13, respectively.

Georgia actually got out to a decent start in this game, opening up a quick 5-0 lead to begin the first half.  The Tigers let nearly 7 minutes go by before they converted their first points of the game on a pair of free throws from Ward.  Auburn didn’t notch a field goal until Frankie Sullivan’s three-pointer with 10:45 remaining before the intermission that cut the Dawgs’ lead down to 9-7.

Georgia failed to capitalize on the Tigers’ early struggles and with 7:57 left in the half Auburn jumped ahead 12-10 on a three from Ward.

The Tigers completed a 22-3 run that helped them open up a 22-10 advantage with under 3 minutes remaining.  This stretch of basketball took the life out of the Bulldogs and signified the “point of no return” for Georgia in this game.

The only UGA players that performed at a level worth mentioning are Gerald Robinson, Jr. and Donte Williams.  GR2 led the Dawgs with a team-high 14 points to go along with 7 rebounds and 4 assists.  Williams chipped in 9 points and 3 blocked shots, and he hauled in a game-high 8 boards.

Georgia is now 1-6 in the conference and clearly the worst team in the league.

The Dawgs head to Knoxville on Saturday night to take on a Tennessee team that Georgia somehow beat in Athens a few weeks ago.  Since that win however, the Bulldogs have dropped three straight SEC games.

Tonight’s loss leaves me wondering A) how bad can things get this year? and B) what direction is the program heading in?

16 thoughts on “Abysmal shooting performance sinks Dawgs at Auburn

  1. Man, that was the worst basketball game I have ever seen Georgia play – and I have seen some really, really bad Georgia teams. We have no offensive talent. While the defense played hard enough all night, our offense was just embarassing. No inside game, and no ability to shoot from outside. The announcers were all but laughing at our futility.

    This is Mark Fox’s first team with nothing but “his” players (save Dustin Ware). And I am underwhelmed.


    1. I think that if Fox doesn’t put a better product on the court next year with “his” guys then the powers that be at Georgia may need to start reevaluating his position.


  2. Our performance was ugglier than Newt Gingrich’s wife. It is getting very hard to watch this team.

    When does baseball start?


  3. Does anyone else wonder why we don’t try to push the tempo a little more in these games? We see flashes (like KCP’s break to Robinson last night) that shows we could be successful doing that. Frankly, that’s what I expected going into the season when I saw the line-up we were putting in. I’m no coach, so I’m sure there are reasons for it. I just don’t know what they are.

    I still think Fox has done enough in his time here to be given a bad season for rebuilding purposes, but man, we better have a better team on the floor next year.


    1. I too have been screaming for this team to run the ball more this season. Georgia’s half court offense is totally ineffective with their non-existent inside game… seems like it would make sense to try to push the ball and get some baskets in transition.


      1. Amen, brother! Our only hope is to up the defensive pressure (i.e. little or no zone) and take advantage of turnovers. Hopefully, we’ll also go for dunks rather than missing chippy shots like we have all year.


  4. Frustrating as this season has been I am not ready to write it off. I think this team has talent and can win at home and on the road. D. Williams was at least getting to the basket and getting rebounds. I am a believer in him now. Pope is in a funk, but I think he will rebound. Last night the team broke even on rebounds. When was the last time that has happened?


  5. Positives last night were few but here they are:

    1) We shot well from the FT line
    2) We played decent defense
    3) We rebounded reasonably well
    4) I didn’t road-trip from SC to Auburn as I had considered

    I’ll watch the game Sat night and will be at the Steg for Arkansas but it is really painful at times watching this team. I’m definitely not ready to start beating any war drums about Fox but I’ve been disappointed in his strategies this year…including consistently running out of time outs. Hunker Down!


  6. This season has unfolded about like I have said from the beginning. We have a talent gap–big one–compared with most of the teams in this league. While I like the two guards and the forward from Miller grove coming in next year, this recruiting class is not particularly strong. Mark Fox has not proved that he can recruit at a level that will make us competitive. I hope hat he makes me eat my words in the days ahead, but I fear that things will remain rather bleak next year. WE NEED BIG GUYS like the three in-staters that got away this year.


    1. If Fox can’t bring in legitimate bigs then Georgia is definitely in trouble.

      I agree with you about the bleakness of next season. I think that both Donte Williams and Djurisic will continue to improve, but I’m less optimistic about the rest of the bunch.


      1. We need to dip into the JUCO ranks for someone with some muscle and a post game to help aid a quicker turnaround. Somewhere out there is the next Anthony Evans/TK Brown…


        1. Remember when Harrick brought in Shaun Coleman and Anthony Evans in the 00-01 years. A couple of juco guys could really help. Next year will tell the tale for Fox, we have less talent now than when Felton was here, remember Felton brought in Thompkins and Leslie.


  7. Fox brings a huge improvement over Felton in offensive scheme but without any decent bigs we are pitiful out there.

    We need a Herrick (scheme + recruiting) without the cheating.


    1. I couldn’t agree more Decatur Dawg! The thing I liked best about Harrick’s teams was that they were tough and, because of their grit, regularily beat teams more talented than themselves. On purely basketball standards, Harrick was the best coach I’ve seen in my 37 years here–a much better floor coach IMO than Tubby. I think that Fox is a fairly decent offensive coach who hasen’t the talent to run the schemes he favors. I agree with Hoop that Neme and Donte will continue to improve. But we badly need a go-to beast down low (I can only dream about Tony Parker). If there was a suitable JUCO guy out there, i imagine we’d have heard about him by now. As for coaching defense, I’m not impressed by Mark Fox. Say what you will about Felton (and I don’t have much favorable to say), but his teams played good defense most of the time (otherwise he’d have never won anything).


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