Poll to gauge fan perspectives on UGA basketball midway through the SEC season

The Georgia Bulldogs Men’s basketball team has played half of its 2011-2012 conference schedule.  The Dawgs’ lone SEC win came at home against Tennessee, a team Georgia lost to in Knoxville on Saturday night.

I want to know everyone’s take on the season up to this point.  Please take part in the polling, share it with friends, etc.

10 thoughts on “Poll to gauge fan perspectives on UGA basketball midway through the SEC season

  1. Thornton’s a pretty big disappointment, and I’m also disappointed that Robinson hasn’t taken on more responsibility this year. Meaning…being a senior leader, I would expect him to take over games more, demand the ball more, etc. I’m basing this on his performance last year, which was very good – but maybe Thompkins and Leslie just made him look that much better.


    1. Cainiac, your screen name wouldn’t by chance be in reference to the “Raising Canes” dining establishment in Athens, would it?

      I have a friend who once crushed an 8-piece chicken tender meal from that place like it was a side salad.


  2. Option 3. I didn’t think we’d be good, but not this bad either, and seemingly getting worse. I hoped Robinson would improve instead of more of the same (great speed, suspect everywhere else), and that Marcus Thornton would take on a more prominent role. I can’t figure what’s wrong with him. You can see the potential at times, but he just doesn’t look comfortable. Maybe he’s thinking too much instead of reacting instinctually, maybe he’s a sign that our offense is too complex to work at this level, I don’t know. But it’s been disappointing.


    1. Thornton is a mystery. If what we’ve seen over the past year and half is representative of his game, then how did he ever win Mr. Georgia Basketball? And what did Fox see in him that led him to sign him?


      1. The Peachtree TV announcers made a bizarre comment about Thornton a few weeks ago. They said that he was good in high school because he just overpowered everyone with this size, but Fox was getting as much as one could expect out of him at the college level. (That is a close approximation to what I think I heard them say)


  3. I think GR2 has looked worse at times than last year because he is trying so hard to make things happen. I’m glad that he is because I hate to think where we’d be without him Gerald had many more options last year when he tried to get the ball inside to Trey or to Travis or someone else open on he wing. I really expected more out of Thornton than we received. I also am disappointed that we haven’t got more leadership and production from senior Conner Nolte. But we are just about where I thought we’d be in SEC play. My pre-season prediction was 4 SEC wins. If we can beat Carolina twice ( a big if) we still have a shot at matching my prediction.


    1. I too think that Gerald Robinson is trying to make the best out of a less than ideal situation.

      Last year, he had Trey, Travis, Price or even Barnes to dish to on drives when the opposing team’s bigs left their man to help out on him.

      This year though, he has nothing. When he penetrates the other team’s defenders just leave the UGA forwards to greet GR2 in the lane because they don’t need to be concerned with their own defensive responsibilities.

      I kind of feel bad for Robinson – I’m sure this has been a frustrating season, and not how he envisioned his senior year playing out.


  4. I haven’t been following this blog as much this season, but you do a great job blogging and I’m glad to see you kept it up even when the team hasn’t. Keep up the good work!


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