Bulldogs snap losing streak, throttle Razorbacks

To say that everything went Georgia‘s (11-12; 2-7) way in the first half of Wednesday night’s game against Arkansas would be an understatement.

The Dawgs – a team averaging 55 points a game in conference play – rang up 43 points before the intermission against the Razorbacks, taking a 19-point lead into the halftime break.  Georgia made over 56% of their shots from the floor, scored 20 points in the paint (to Arkansas’s 6) and out-rebounded the Hogs by a count of 25-10.  Usually the Dawgs are on the receiving end of this kind of domination.

Gerald Robinson, Jr. was untouchable, torching the Razorbacks for 17 first-half points to go along with 4 assists and 3 rebounds.  GR2 finished with a game- and career-high of 27 points on 10 of 13 shooting from the floor as well as 5 assists and 5 boards.

Even Marcus Thornton, yes Marcus Thornton, buried a three from the wing with to put the Dawgs up 26-11 with 6:57 remaining before the break.  And then he hit another with less than 12 minutes left in the game to give Georgia a 60-33 advantage!

Arkansas looked nothing like the team that upended Michigan, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt on Wednesday night.  Coach Mike Anderson’s team appeared lethargic and soft on defense, and UGA exploited the Hogs’ sluggishness to the tune of 81 points – a team-high in SEC play this season – compared to Arkansas’s 59.

This game marked the first time in 2012 that Georgia has gone over the 70-point mark – the Dawgs hadn’t eclipsed 70 since their 92-86 overtime win over Winthrop back on the 27th of December.  UGA was efficient on offense, making nearly 54% of their shots and dishing out 15 team assists.

The Bulldogs were on cruise control for most of the second half, opening up a lead that nearly reached 30 points.  Georgia unloaded on the Hogs from beyond the arc, knocking down 9 of their 20 attempts.

UGA owned the glass on Wednesday night, easily winning the rebounding battle by a count of 41-20.

Even though Robinson contributed a third of the Dawgs’ points, Georgia’s scoring was quite balanced with three other players finishing the game in double-digits.  Freshman Kentavious-Caldwell Pope had a solid performance, chipping in 18 points on 60% shooting from the field.  Neme Djurisic and Marcus Thornton added 14 and 10 points, respectively.

The Georgia players should sleep well tonight knowing they finally put an end to their SEC losing streak which had gotten to four games.  More importantly, South Carolina dropped another road game at Tennesse, allowing the Dawgs to shake free of the Gamecocks and pull themselves out of the bottom of the SEC standings.

The Dawgs get two days off before traveling to Starkville to take on the Maroon Dogs this Saturday.

14 thoughts on “Bulldogs snap losing streak, throttle Razorbacks

  1. The BB Dawgs excelled in all phases of the game. The Hawgs brag about “40 minutes of Hell” I don’t think that was exactly what they meant.


  2. Best performance of the year. The only disappointment was the turnout in the student section. No wonder we can’t lure top recruits to Athens.


      1. I can’t really disagree with the kid that wrote the article, but I don’t think the student “newspaper” dissing on the coach is going to help our recruiting.


    1. Completely agree, Hoops Dawg. Those who were there were pretty loud but for a mid-week game, the students’ turnout was pathetic.

      As I posted on FB last night, it’s not easy being a Georgia basketball fan but games like last night are a treasure. A guy in front of me kept taunting the Ark coach by saying, “It’s 40 minutes of hell to have to WATCH your team!” WOOF!


  3. Run and gun and let the chips fall where they may- I have been crying for this for weeks. Forget the triangle offense, the shot clock, and structure. Jack up everything that is open and go for it. What have you got to lose? Kids looked loose last night and the play on the floor showed it.


  4. Thornton 2-2 from 3 land! 4-4 overall in 18 minutes! Where has this been and will it continue? What a night for basketball fans.


    1. I think last night’s performance by Thornton may have been a one-time thing – at least for this year. Who knows though? Maybe this will boost his confidence…


  5. So does last night’s performance change your perception of the team?

    Will we carry momentum on and grab a few more wins or was this just an aberation against an Arkansas team that has not won on the road all year and really did not come to play?


    1. I think it bodes well for us. I don’t see us winning in Stark-vegas (as Dantzler likes to call the Maroons’ hometown) but I do think the Cocks will be primed for plucking next week. LSU on the road and USC back at home are also quite winnable even if games against Vandy, UF, and at UK seem tough. We didn’t play much zone last night hoopdawg, did you notice??


      1. I don’t remember the Dawgs getting into zone until the game was well in hand in the second half.

        Since the Kentucky game Fox has had his team playing primarily man defense (thank goodness!).


    2. A little of column A and a little of column B.

      The Dawgs looked real confident last night and imposed their will on a team for the first time this season. If they can play offense like they did last night more consistently they may steal another SEC game that they are not supposed to win.

      That being said, Arkansas did look unbelievably soft last night and I was left wondering how in the world they toppled Michigan, Vandy or Miss St.


      1. A good part of Arkansas’ poor play may reflect the fact that their best post player is out for the season. But I will say that I was surprised by the Hawgs’ poor play and like to think that our D had something to do with it.


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