What a week for Georgia basketball!

Last week was definitely the best of the season thus far for Coach Mark Fox’s Georgia Bulldogs.  They dismantled Arkansas at home on Wednesday night, and then followed that performance up with a shocking overtime upset in Starkville over the then-ranked #18 Mississippi State Bulldogs.

It seems that UGA fans and readers of this blog were not the only ones noticing these two stellar Georgia performances.

In ESPN’s College Basketball “Weekly Watch”, Georgia was listed under the “More teams that impressed us” category.  Writer Myron Metcalf had this to say about the Dawgs:

“The bottom of the SEC is rising up and causing some serious problems for the top. The Bulldogs crushed Arkansas at home and followed that up with perhaps the most surprising result in league play — maybe more so than UT over UF — when they upset Mississippi State in Starkville by two in overtime.”

Congratulations are also in order for senior point guard and leader Gerald Robinson, Jr., who was awarded the SEC Men’s Hoops Player of the Week award for his efforts last week.  GR2 rang up 40 total points in the UGA victories, two of which were a pair of crucial free throws that put Georgia up by 4 points in the waning seconds of the Mississippi State game.

Have a great Monday and look for a write-up on the South Carolina game coming in the next day or so.

13 thoughts on “What a week for Georgia basketball!

  1. Good stuff.

    I’m feeling hopeful we can close 3-3 down the stretch (two wins over Carolina then get one out of the others). One win in the SEC tourney would put us at 16-15 (guaranteeing at least a .500 record), do you think a 16-16 UGA squad would get an NIT invite? That would be a positive end to what had been an extremely frustrating season earlier.


    1. I think if the Dawgs go 3-3 down the stretch as you said – which would make them 15-15 on the regular season – they would absolutely get into the NIT Tourney, regardless of what happens in the SEC tournament because of the following:

      1) At 15-15, Georgia would be meeting the unwritten requirement that all post-season NIT teams must have a .500 record or better.

      2) If you look at ESPN’s Basketball Power Index (BPI), which will probably completely replace RPI next year if not sooner, UGA has the 16th strongest schedule in the nation. For a young team like Georgia to navigate a schedule like that and go .500 on the year would be a major accomplishment, and the NIT would be crazy not to reward them with an invite.

      Just my two cents, though.

      (Here is the link to the new BPI rankings) http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/7567584/bpi-feb-12-college-basketball-power-index-rankings


      1. Glad to hear that. Can’t help but think back to the close games we’ve lost this year (Colorado, Ole Miss, Auburn, etc.). Change those 3 outcomes and we are on the bubble right now, fighting to get in the tourney. Of course we’ve won some close ones also (Winthrop, Miss State). Again, I’d be quite satisfied with the NIT and would love some more home games.


  2. (From espn.com Recruiting Nation)
    Over the weekend, two programs landed junior targets. Georgia went for a possible Brandon Jennings clone while Penn State dipped into Philadelphia for its latest wing.

    Georgia coach Mark Fox and his staff did their homework and after a couple of up-close evaluations, the Dawgs moved on point guard J.J. Frazier (Ludowici, Ga./Faith Baptist), who was also drawing interest from Virginia, Clemson, George Mason, Murray State and Jacksonville.

    “He’s a little guy, he’s really about 5-9 but quick as lightning,” Frazier’s AAU coach, Jessie Fleming, said. “What separates him as a point guard is that he really can shoot the ball.”

    After watching a few YouTube clips he does look a little like Jennings in that he’s a lefty who can stop and drill the midrange jumper. He’s an exciting player and we’ll see how he holds up through the summer.


  3. Also glad because for the first time since he came here, my faith in Coach Fox was beginning to waver (especially after that horrific Auburn game). The way they’ve been playing lately has helped restore it. I still think he’s a great coach and good for the program. Go Dawgs!


    1. Ditto that, MarkS. We have to remember that young teams will be inconsistent. Very frustrating and sometimes rewarding. Let’s enjoy it while we can.


  4. All this tourney talk and what ifs are leading me to thinking about the “what if” Travis and Trey had stayed. We’d probably have a top 10-15 team in Athens.


  5. KCP tops it all off with his decision to stay! Hopefully our freshman backcourt next year will be able to support a veteran frontcourt and high-volume scorer.


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