Dawgs drop second-straight game, fall to Vandy at home 61-52

The only thing more depressing than the weather outside today was Georgia’s second-half offense against the Vanderbilt Commodores today in Athens.

The Bulldogs(12-14; 3-9) played very solid defense in the first half, holding Vanderbilt to under 29% from the floor and forcing 6 steals.  Georgia took a 29-28 lead into the break despite not having Kentavious-Caldwell Pope’s services for nearly 16 minutes due to early foul trouble.

UGA Student Section
Where were all the UGA students?

The problem, however, was that the Dawgs only held a one-point advantage over the Commodores at the intermission.  Even though Vandy was ice-cold in the first half, Georgia was unable to add to their lead and give themselves a bit of a cushion heading into the second half.

KCP returned to action after the break though, capping off a 7-0 UGA run with a jumper that put the Dawgs up 40-35 with 13:38 left in the game.

Then John Jenkins happened.

The junior guard scored 8 points over the next 5 minutes, spearheading a 15-0 Vanderbilt run.  On a personal side note, I’ve never witnessed a 15-0 run live and let me tell you it is not fun to observe when the team you are cheering for has the “0”.

Georgia played their part during this Commodore run, missing 8 consecutive shots and turning the ball over twice.  After the smoke cleared, Vandy was up 50-40 with under 8 minutes remaining.  The Dawgs’ Gerald Robinson finally broke the UGA drought by scoring consecutive baskets to bring Georgia within 6 points.

Then John Jenkins happened again.

This time the Vandy guard knocked down back-to-back three-pointers to put his team up 56-44, crushing any hopes of a possible Georgia comeback.

Jenkins finished the game with 28 points on 6 of 8 shooting from beyond the arc, and his Commodore team walked out of Stegeman with the 61-52 victory.

Other than Gerald Robinson, who led all Bulldog scorers with 19 points, no other Georgia players cracked double-digits.  KCP and Dustin Ware finished with 6 and 7 points, respectively, and they combined to make just 5 of their 23 shots from the floor.

The Dawgs put on one of the worst three-point shooting displays today that I can remember in some time, hitting only 3 of 23 attempts, or 13%.  Georgia’s scored just 23 points after the intermission, largely in part due to a 1 for 17 shooting performance from beyond the arc.

At this point, it’s beginning to look as though the only post-season Georgia can expect to look forward to is the off-season.

The Dawgs followed up their most successful week of the season (which seems like ages ago now) – wins over Arkansas and Mississippi State – with consecutive SEC losses to South Carolina and Vanderbilt.

Next week appears as though it could produce similar results as this one – Georgia hits the road Wednesday to play LSU (who beat SC in Columbia yesterday) before returning home Saturday to host the #12 Florida Gators.

Kudos to any fans out there that made the trip to Stegeman for the game today.  I was extremely disappointed in the turnout from the UGA student section, which appeared to be only about 15% full.

The highlight of the day for me was the El Sandwich Cubano I had from Cali & Tito’s prior to the game.

13 thoughts on “Dawgs drop second-straight game, fall to Vandy at home 61-52

  1. Disappointing result. I wasn’t able to go today and only turned on the TV when it was 50-40. Reading about the first half and looking at the stats, I can’t figure out why we were only ahead by 1 at the break.

    Completely agree with you on the students. What a contrast it is watching other teams play…even AUBURN’s students turn out and make a difference. Maybe some of the fair weather attitudes related to Atlanta’s pro sports teams have infiltrated the UGA student population?

    Just remember that when things looked particularly bleak after our outing on the Plains, the team rose up and surprised us. Let’s hope there are a few more rabbits in Coach Fox’s hat.


  2. I’m glad you called out the students Hoop. I had the same reaction when I saw the upper section across from me pretty well populated and virtually NO students. Disgusting! We lost primarily because shots refused to fall during the 15-0 run. How many of them were in the cylinder and came popping out. Of course it helps to have a Jenkins who rarely even brushes the iron on his shots. I have to admire the guy (the only Dore who played really well today). He gets off his feet faster than any player I have ever witnessed in person except for Bernard King way back when. There really is very little college defenders can do against Jenkins when he is “on”. Truly a special player.


    1. Jenkins took over the game last year in Athens when Vandy came from behind to beat Georgia.

      He also went nuts on UGA in the SEC tourney his freshman year, scoring 25 points to end Georgia’s season.

      Hopefully he goes pro after this year because the guy totally owns the Dawgs.


      1. I think he will go pro. Why come back? Ezili (or whatever his name is) and Taylor are seniors on their way to the NBA and their Sr point guard will be gone. Kevin Stallings will have a bare cupboard, especially if Jenkins leaves. Dai-Jon Parker may end up wishing he’d signed with Georgia. Jenkins’ stock is very high right now–maybe a first-round pick. So, I think that he’s gone.


  3. students were embarassing. Dawgs gave good effort but just can’t score.

    Fox may want to rethink how he handled the two early fouls on KCP. After sitting most of the first half he was ice cold in the 2nd. We would have been better off letting him play through, even if he eventually fouled out.


  4. As a student typing this in my Matt Bucklin tshirt jersey I picked up from the game yesterday, I’ll agree that our student support is lackluster, but it’s not like the rest of the place is full. The only energy coming from outside the student section is the one guy in the bottom of the TV who jumps up and down and waves his arms the entire game(you know who I’m talking about if you’ve ever watched a game on TV.) It was a rainy day and most of the students were hungover from the night before. Plus, we just lost to Carolina and weren’t playing a big rival. I expect the turnout against the Gators to be loads better and if the team can actually hit some shots we will be making noise.

    Seriously though, what do you expect? We are on a rebuilding year for a team with almost no basketball tradition. Students were filling out the place last year when we had a tournament caliber team. But when the priority at this school is football and we are 3-9 in the SEC, don’t expect a huge turnout. Auburn just built a new arena, that’s why they have the fan support this year. Other than that, SEC schools don’t draw fans unless they are tourney caliber.

    That said, go Dawgs!


    1. If GA students are that frickin lackluster, I would rather the athletic department cut the number of student tickets available by half and give the rest of the tickets in that section away to school kids who would come, make noise and support the team. Hung over my tail. Get your meat in the seats or lose them!


      1. Why don’t they just do that for the rest of the tickets that go unsold every game? Seriously, you must not have gone here if you don’t realize that people here just don’t care about basketball. I’ve watched every game on TV this year if I haven’t been there, but it gets really old making a 20 minute walk or paying for parking/dealing with traffic when we’ve lost the last 6 I’ve been too(going back to last year as well.)


        1. You know, i did not go to school here but spent 34 years on the faculty. I’ve been a season ticket holder for 36 or 37 years, likely longer than you’ve been alive. I,too, will say kudos for attending on Sunday. But I’ll also say that even the most dismal of teams that I’ve seen over the years typically drew better from the student population, and this is very, very far from the worst GA team that I’ve witnessed. The apathy on this campus re basketball is, frankly, kind of disgusting. Those kids on the team are far from the most talented in the league but play hard and are in a surprising number of games, given their limitations. I HATE losing but will continue to support this bunch because they try and don’t quit on us (unlike the so-called student fans). Again Bulldawgs, i know I’m largely preaching to to the choir in replying to someone who faithfully follows the team. But the fair-weather student body needs to be called out.


        2. I feel your pain student bulldawg. I feel the same about the hour + drive each way from Atlanta.

          The season ticket side was actually pretty full for the Vandy game but you are right that they don’t make any noise.

          The situation is a bit of a catch-22; we will not be able to recruit with an empty student section and quiet gym but who wants to come see a losing team? Only way out is probably for the students to buck up and start the turn around with their support. It only takes 5% of the student population to fill the student section.


    2. Kudos to you for going to the game. I love the tradition of giving the students the t-shirt jersey every game – they didn’t do that when I was at UGA (I guess I’m jealous).

      I agree with you that the rest of Stegeman was not very full either, but the Student Section is strategically positioned to be in a place (under the basket / next to the floor) where a loud bunch of students can really create an electric atmosphere and pump up the team.

      I hope you are right about the improved attendance for the Florida game.


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