2012 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament is set

Kentucky dropped Florida 74-59 in Gainesville today, and with that win the Wildcats finish the SEC season undefeated at 16-0.

Now that the conference regular season has officially ended, fans can turn their attentions to the SEC Tournament, which begins this Thursday in New Orleans.

Georgia, slated as the 11-seed, wound up drawing 6-seeded Mississippi State in the 9:00PM CT night-cap of the Thursday session (which will be 10:00PM locally).

Of the six SEC teams in the bottom half of the conference, I’d say that the #10 Auburn Tigers probably have the best path to the semifinals, facing Ole Miss in round one (and potentially Tennessee in round two and avoiding Kentucky altogether through the first two rounds).

I’ll have a write-up on the Missy State game later in the week, but I wanted to gauge everybody’s feelings about UGA’s chances in this year’s tournament using the poll below.



10 thoughts on “2012 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament is set

  1. Miss state is the one team in the senario I hoped to avoid, I don’t see us beatin them again- they probably need one more win to solidfy a bid and they will be focused.


    1. I couldn’t agree more macdaddy! I was pulling hard for LSU yesterday against Auburn in the hopes that Georgia might draw them in the first round.

      I realize that the Dawgs did beat MSU earlier this year, but given their size inside I worry about the mismatches. And, as you said, they need a victory to get them into the Big Dance.


      1. Unfortunately, I am in agreement with you. Additionally, other than UK fans, MSU will probably have the most there. There is little I like less regarding the SEC Tournament than playing the 10pm game. By halftime, the only people in the arena are fans of the two schools playing. The SEC should really move things up–both for ET and CT affairs. They start the SEC Game of the week at 12:20 ET / 11:20 CT, why not hoops to allow for a finish before midnight?


  2. Say we win one in New Orleans then lose in the 2nd round, I understand that the NIT would be highly unlikely at 15-17, but what is the past history with the selections for that CBI tournament? I know its a largely non-televised uninteresting thing, but I’d love to see this group play a few more games.


    1. Georgia would be busting the under .500 trend if they got selected at 15-17 for the NIT. However, the Dawgs’ strength-of-schedule is unbelievable, No. 14 in the nation according to the latest ESPN BPI – http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/7644129/bpi-march-4-college-basketball-power-index-rankings.

      I don’t know much about the CBI so it’s hard for me to comment on.

      If Georgia goes 1-1 in the SEC Tourney, I think that there is a 40% shot they sneak into the NIT.


  3. Off topic. Hoop -any comments on 2013 committ point guard J.J Frazier? Supposed to fast with a great shot. Maybe a future GR2?


    1. I watched some of his YouTube clips.

      The kid is tiny (5’8″ or something?) and he plays in a Christian League in south Georgia that doesn’t compete against public schools. Other than that, I don’t really know a whole lot about him.

      I’d say he has a better shot at becoming an Erving Walker (from Florida)?


  4. Georgia has a grand total of 39 wins in 50 SEC Tournaments, so its hard to predict a win for us.

    That said, there is something wrong with this year’s Missy State team where they lack focus and dedication. If we could get a lead on them early they might turn on each other and flame out.


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