Wheeler’s Charles Mitchell commits to Maryland

Wheeler High School’s 6’8″ power forward – Charles Mitchell – has officially committed to play basketball for the Maryland Terps next season, according to CBS Sports.

Mitchell, who was ranked as the 4th best big man in Georgia for 2012 by ESPNU, was Coach Mark Fox’s last chance at adding a legitimate post player to his 2012 recruiting class.

5 thoughts on “Wheeler’s Charles Mitchell commits to Maryland

    1. I believe mitchell made a bad decision here, he had a great shot at starting or at least getting quality mins for his home state team.Oh well like I say about the rest of the kids that choose to go out of state C ya! Go Dawgs!


  1. UGA still has a shot with Tony Parker. Likely a long shot, but he is still mentioning Georgia and said he would “shock the world” with his selection.

    Having a current teammate signed and a former teammate there can’t hurt.


    1. I mean Robert Carter is going to Tech and he is about the same caliber player as Parker so it could happen. BUT…….. on the other hand look at the teams Parker has listed as his favorites such as the likes of Duke, Ohio State, Kansas and possibly even Kentucky depending on who goes pro. so all im saying is that if we cant still Charles Mitchell out of our own back yard (who I thought was a UGA lock) from Maryland how we going to land Parker? its getting more and more frustrating watching these skilled post players that we really need get away from us but I guess thats part of being a UGA basketball fan even back in the early 80’s when Kentucky stole Kenny Sky Walker away out of state. and not to mention Jeff Sheppard as well.


      1. talking about top players leaving the state/going elsewhere…

        UGA fans may not like to hear this but kids just don’t grow up wanting/dreaming of playing for UGA. Kids think about the Dukes, UNC, Kentucky, etc. If that is not an option then many times the ACC is looked at the better conference so they want to play there. Very similar to how middle level SEC football programs can out recruit the better teams in the ACC because of the perception that being in the SEC (no matter where is better).

        Still though the fact that Parker is still considered UGA is a small win for Fox. You have to start somewhere. Next time the big time prospect may actually pick UGA and having Parker mention UGA as an option gets other prospects curious about UGA.


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