Georgia’s challenging 2011-2012 schedule

An event that I look forward to every season – the NCAA Tournament Selection Show – aired last Sunday evening, giving college basketball fans their first glance at this season’s “Big Dance”.

Watching the show, I expected to see a number of the Dawgs‘ opponents from this year in the field, especially considering that the Georgia Bulldogs finished the season with the 17th hardest schedule in the country on ESPN’s Basketball Power Index (BPI).

I did not, however, anticipate 10 teams – Kentucky, Florida, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Colorado, California, Xavier, Notre Dame, South Dakota State and Cincinnatti – from UGA’s schedule to show up in the bracket.  Had the Dawgs not bounced Mississippi State out of the first round of the SEC tournament, then that number could have easily been eleven.

That’s a pretty difficult slate for a team replacing its entire frontcourt.

Coach Mark Fox’s young team was thrown into the fire this year, and hopefully these experiences prove valuable for the Bulldogs heading into next season.


6 thoughts on “Georgia’s challenging 2011-2012 schedule

  1. How different the season would have looked if had beaten Tech, Cincinnati, Scarolna on the road and Auburn. Woulda , coulda,shoulda, I definitely liked the progress we made in the last 8-10 games. Maybe we can get a few of those old west teams twice next year instead of Vandy, UK, or the Gators. We will get USC at home, Tech on the road, Big East challenge on the road (someone like Rutgers, Providence, etc..) and then two games out of UCLA, Indiana or Georgetown.


    1. The only problem with that argument is that we also could have easily lost a bunch of games that we won – Winthrop in OT, Tennessee in OT, Miss State in OT, Notre Dame by 4, USC by 4. Others like Wofford and Delaware State were also struggles.

      Without Gerald, we might have won 6 or 7 games all season and he is gone next year. I’ll agree with one thing. If we are going to improve on this season’s record, the schedule next year will need to be weaker…a lot weaker.


    2. I agree with all three of your posts. To me, the encouraging thing was the way the team regrouped at the end of the season. At 1-7 in the league, it would have been very easy to pack it in, see Carolina. Although still playing a challenging schedule, they ended up 5-5 over the last ten games.

      I’ve been brainstorming a good bit on the possible schedule format for next year. If they intend on keep the conference schedule at 16 games, there will only be 3 opponents played twice (with 13 other teams). I hope they’ll allow one “traditional rival” and then rotate two teams every year. If that were the case, I’d want Florida as our rival–though we might get Carolina. You figure the Alabama and Miss schools get each other. I’m guessing Tenn and Vandy would pair up. That would trigger UK going with Mizzou. So Ark with A&M, and Florida with LSU?

      What do the rest of you think?


      1. I think that it is impossible to tell what might shake out schedule-wise and I would not expect the result to be purely logical. I can almost see everyone in the east lobbying to play UGA or Carolina twice given that these are historically the weakest programs. We’d be catching a break if we get Carolina twice, although it would be better for recruiting if we had Florida or KY twice.


  2. I have heard 18 games is what the SEC is looking at, that would mean five double opponent and 8 single games- 9 home and 9 away total.


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