SEC’s four teams represent conference well through Round 1 of NCAA’s

Many college sports enthusiasts and media personnel are tired of the SEC by the time basketball season rolls around, most likely due to the fact that the conference has produced the last 6 BCS National Champions.

The SEC’s dominant hold on the world of college football has created somewhat of a media/fan bias against the conference when it comes to basketball.  How else can you explain the blatant slap to the league’s face by awarding them just 4 teams to this season’s Big Dance?

Tennessee, who finished second in the conference this year with 10-6 record, was snubbed from the tournament, despite recording a big out-of-conference victory over then-ranked #11 UConn in Janurary.  The SEC was the only conference in the country – including the Big 12, Pac-12, Big East, ACC, Atlantic 10, Conference USA and the Big Ten – that didn’t send its regular season second-place team to the Tourney.

Here is a look at how the power conferences performed through the first-round games on Thursday and Friday (ranked by winning percentage):

1) Big 10: 5-1

2) SEC: 3-1

3) Big 12: 4-2

4) ACC: 3-2

5) Big East: 5-4

Kentucky, Florida and Vandy all won easily, with Alabama being the only team to not hold its weight.

Did the SEC deserve a fifth representative in this year’s NCAA Tournament?