SEC’s four teams represent conference well through Round 1 of NCAA’s

Many college sports enthusiasts and media personnel are tired of the SEC by the time basketball season rolls around, most likely due to the fact that the conference has produced the last 6 BCS National Champions.

The SEC’s dominant hold on the world of college football has created somewhat of a media/fan bias against the conference when it comes to basketball.  How else can you explain the blatant slap to the league’s face by awarding them just 4 teams to this season’s Big Dance?

Tennessee, who finished second in the conference this year with 10-6 record, was snubbed from the tournament, despite recording a big out-of-conference victory over then-ranked #11 UConn in Janurary.  The SEC was the only conference in the country – including the Big 12, Pac-12, Big East, ACC, Atlantic 10, Conference USA and the Big Ten – that didn’t send its regular season second-place team to the Tourney.

Here is a look at how the power conferences performed through the first-round games on Thursday and Friday (ranked by winning percentage):

1) Big 10: 5-1

2) SEC: 3-1

3) Big 12: 4-2

4) ACC: 3-2

5) Big East: 5-4

Kentucky, Florida and Vandy all won easily, with Alabama being the only team to not hold its weight.

Did the SEC deserve a fifth representative in this year’s NCAA Tournament?

5 thoughts on “SEC’s four teams represent conference well through Round 1 of NCAA’s

  1. I sure think we deserved another bid, and, of course, the Big Least got about 3-4 bids too many. Had UCONN not won last year, it could have been argued that the Big East had about the worst record ever. Vandy losing today was hard to take. They were a great point guard away from being special this year. Florida will not go very far either. So it is the Katz or nothing for the SEC this year.


  2. Even though Tennessee’s RPI wasn’t good, there should have been consideration given to the change (adding Stokes) in Jan. Since that time, the Vols won a bunch of games and as you pointed out, finished tied for 2nd.

    Equally as rankling for me is the seeding. FSU as a #3 while Vandy only got a #5 and Florida (who beat FSU) got a #7. Additionally, Duke as a #2? Are you kidding? Glad they got spanked by Lehigh.

    I don’t see the Gators moving much deeper into the tournament. UK could certainly take it all. IU won in Bloomington but it won’t happen in Catlanta.


  3. Hey folks, great story in the AJC today about Tony Parker’s recruitment. Tony talks extensively about his feelings about playing in Athens with his homeboys from Miller Grove and about his admiration for the job Mark Fox is doing. It sounds to me as if this kid has his head screwed on straight and that, even aside from his tremendous talent, he is the kind of young man all of us would hope to have to represent the University of Georgia. i wish him the best whereever he goes, but I sure hope it is to Athens!


  4. This might be worth writing something on what are the chances coach fox takes the Kansas state job since frank martin took the sc job And if so where does UGA go from there?


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