Miller’s Grove’s Tony Parker delaying decision until April 11th

Last evening, Miller Grove big man Tony Parker was supposed to “shock the world” (his words) at the 2012 McDonald’s All-American game with his decision as to where he will be playing college ball next season.  His options – UCLA, Duke, Memphis, Ohio State, Kansas, Georgetown and Georgia – could not be any more prestigious (this kid cut #1 Kentucky from his list last month).

Five of those seven aforementioned teams participated in this year’s NCAA Tournament, and two of them – Ohio State and Kansas – will square off in the Final Four this weekend.  Parker will surely be watching that game with candid interest, and one has to feel as though both the Jayhawks and Buckeyes hold a slight recruiting advantage over the other schools at this point.

Last weekend, ESPN released a wonderful story in which they sat in on a family conference with the Parker’s – if you have time, check it out.  The article gives the reader an inside look into some of the young man’s opinions regarding his college choices.

A concern that Parker airs about Georgia is “the lack of fanfare at home games and the fact that it may be too close to home.”

Georgia has always been a football school first, and major college recruits recognize this fact.  Coach Mark Fox will have to find a way to make basketball at UGA more attractive if he hopes to lure the premier bigs from within the state.

If Parker still truly intends to “shock the world”, then the only way he could possibly accomplish that feat would be by selecting Georgia over all those other storied programs.

However, at this point, I’m just not that confident that he will be playing in Athens next year.

8 thoughts on “Miller’s Grove’s Tony Parker delaying decision until April 11th

  1. A big reason he was considering Kansas was Danny Manning. He is leaving Kansas for another coaching job.Don’t know the impact. I wonder what his mother thinks about his “too close to home” comment .Guys like Parker are the only way things will change for basketball at Georgia.


    1. Just to let you know Hoop…. I got the inside scoop that Parker will likely be playing at UGA. One of his teammates at Miiler Grove let me know. I don’t know how much stock you want to put in it, but the source is very dependable. Let’s shock the world! Go dawgs!


        1. Possibly Mr. Parker is delaying the announcement to forestall the last minute buzz from opposing coaches trying desperately to change his mind (or at least minimize the amount that he would be subjected to). After reading the ESPN article, I have to say that I am glad Tony is being as careful as he is in making a choice. I like this guy’s character a lot, and even though I have never seen him play, I’d sure love to have him in Athens. I want him to make the right choice for him, and the only pitch I have is this: Why go off to be the next Jared Sullinger (a player I love by the way) when you can be the first Tony Parker at UGA?


          1. I think he is delaying till April 11th to see who is staying and who is going from Kansas and Ohio State – Withey, Robinson and Sullinger all have until the 24th to decide.

            I wouldn’t be surprised to see Parker wait longer than the 11th if one of those aforementioned guys hasn’t declared for the NBA draft yet.


  2. I just read that Jared Sullinger is declaring for the NBA draft (no giant surprise). I hope that this isn’t the news that keeps Tony Parker from coming to Athens. Jared’s shoes are big ones to fill. But again, why set oneself up for that kind of comparison when our man can become the first Tony Parker at Georgia?


    1. I think he is delaying b/c he is on spring break right now. He’ll announce when he gets back. I really like UGA’s chances and like I said earlier, his team mates say he is going to be a dawg!


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